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  1. Definitely not what I was expecting when I saw the name 'Braves'. But these are really good, the colors work well. If this is supposed to be the 'Caribbean' team, then yes sand would work a lot better than grey.
  2. Set 1 is the best to me. If Milwaukee ever got an NHL team I would be 100% with them looking like that
  3. Much better, I'm not very fond of the font for "UTAH" "BASKETBALL". I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but a block/sport font bight actually work better
  4. The inner part of the logo just feels a little busy, I think it's the slight basketball within the mountains along with another basketball in the J-note. Maybe get rid of the lines on the mountains and it might work a bit better. Also as a side note, the colors seem a bit unbalanced. But I'm not a big basketball fan so I dont know what colors they are also welcome to the boards
  5. Hurricanes are perfect, something like that would be an amazing 3rd jersey right now. The Caps are outstanding as well. I wonder what the Sharks will be
  6. Already a great start. The Leones look like the love child of the Yankees and Dodgers. My only opinion is that of jujubeans ^^ that a more Pittsburgh Pirates font looks a lot better. I would also like to see a yellow alternate instead of the blue
  7. I really really like those TFC thirds. I wish they would use those in real life
  8. Can I get an updated Cleveland Ghosts, Nova Scotia Claymores, and Toronto FC?
  9. As a TFC fan I approve. Thou for the black alternate I wonder if there's a way to put sublimated maple leaves in it. Example would be Northern Nightmares paint sceme
  10. What about their current teal with neon green like the first concept?
  11. I guess it's about time I put my 2 cents of thought about these concepts AC Boca: nothing much to really say here. Great execution. Perfect colors and balancing. Probably the most fluid and nice looking jersey you habe Biscayne: the home jerseys remind me of an old style British jersey. And while I like the design of the clash I'm not sure how it fits with the red/white though I'm probably just missing something SC Brevard: it's very difficult to read the name and numbers all throughout the home kit. Also the clash is way better than the home and should be the primary IMO Rockets SC: While I don't think NASA would sponsor a team this is a concept so I won't say anything. If NASA would sponsor a team I think they would have crazy space themed jerseys instead of these. Plus the colors reminds me of SC Brevard Buena Vista: these jerseys are pretty great nothing much to critique here. Maybe make the diamond pattern go all around the home jersey instead of just the front Cascades: nothing to say these are great Clearwater: I'm not sure how I feel about these. On one hand they seem to simple. But on the other they feel classic with that sense of historic... Maybe add a light blue color to both jerseys to symbolize the sky over the ocean RC Daytona: another odd sponsor but I find these jerseys awesome. I'm not sure what about them, but the away jersey just seems classic. Maybe switch the home and away? SC Deerfield: The home is very reminiscent of the Bucks, which have some of my favorite jerseys. And the away is very clean and nice. Deportivo Miami: this is exactly what Miami should wear for their NASL team Ft Brooke: Probably another of your best jerseys SC Ft Myers: I don't care for the hoops on the away, but the home is very nice and slick FTSC: I'm not sure why there is the half-stripe on the back. Other than that no quarrels here Gateway: home is perfect. The away I think the darker gray should be slightly darker. Currently the grays clash hard and don't match Gold Coast: not my favorite but still hold nice designs GSA: One of the best jerseys here. There's nothing to say just great work Harbor City: blue and yellow is one of the hardest color combinations to make work. And these work graciously Hillsborough: the home is perfect, not sure of the maroon away. And the 6 in the logo is slightly crooked I think Homestead: another great design incorporating racing into a jersey
  12. All these designs are really good, clean, and nice, there are a few things I could critique (and probably will once I get more more time) but keep up the good work
  13. I like my hometown Hillsborough City SC jerseys. The home is great, but not really feeling the clash
  14. I'm sorry, do you not know what the word CONCEPT means? 1 if Wendell can do 100+ franchise teams around the friggin world with DODGEBALL, a sport you only play in Middle school gym. But some guy can't do a 30 team league for and OLYMPIC SPORT. Then you're misguided on what this website is for 2 each sport has different ideologies and rules with jerseys, you don't see many monotone baseball jerseys, but that's all there is in basketball. So why is it SO bad that he adds ideas from the Canadiens and a number over the heart? 3 the lines are large to show added detail. What's wrong with a logo in the center of the court? Doesn't every sport do that? Even baseball does that with some teams. Also blue courts? Volleyball uses those in real life. What's the difference between that and a blue football field? 4 what's with this hate against lacrosse? Do you hate native Americans? give this guy a break. Sure some of his logos are out there but so are some real life teams. And if you're going to say "my three cents" and then bash him for being awful, then idek what to say. He needs constructive criticism not bashing rants of awfulness
  15. That alternate. Again you blow me away with these jersey designs.
  16. Probably my favorite logo so far. The light blue also works because Quebecs Provincal flag is light blue. Instead of a maple leaf I was actually expecting a Flour de Lis since it fits Montreal better. My only nit pick is the French in the secondary. I'm no French expert at all. But I don't think the name would be Des Nationaux De Montreal Club De Volleyball. Aren't the Montreal Canadiens just Montreal de Canadiens?
  17. Those alternates jerseys are really nice. The court is probably the best one so far
  18. On the wordmark I think only the tail coming from the M needs to be there. Having 2 fails is counter productive because I believe scorpions have only 1 tail. The primary is great, but I keep getting a secondary vibe from it. Either way great job, can't wait for jerseys
  19. Jerseys are reaaaaly nice. The alt ok'd like it could've been a good throwback
  20. Your welcome dude. Can't wait for some of these teams
  21. For a possible division realignment how about this Western Conference North Pacific Division Seattle Vancouver Portland Edmonton Calgary South West Division Los Angeles Las Vegas Sacramento Phoenix Salt Lake City Great Plains Division Denver Minneapolis Kansas City Saskatoon Winnipeg (previously East Conf.) Eastern Conference North East Division Boston New York City Toronto Ottawa Quebec City (Why not Montreal? It's the 6th biggest city in NA where QC doesn't have more than 1 mil?) Central Division Chicago (previously West Conf,) Detroit Cincinnati St Louis Memphis South Division Orlando Atlanta Charlotte Houston New Orleans This divisional setup would work better than anything NFL, MLB, or NBA (at least to me)
  22. What about Northmen instead? It kinda fools off the tongue a bit better. I like the colors, can't wait for the jerseys. As to why Edmonton has a lot of Northy type names it's because (I believe) it's the northern most city in the world (or at least NA) with over 1 million people. (I will make a suggestion for the division realignment after this)
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