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  1. These all look really cool, but honestly they almost all have the same hem striping and arm striping, just with different color. Ducks: probably my favorite one you made, the *ucks don't have a good marketing jersey (especially since they don't use the weird triangle much) but I like the new logo and the additive of the orange Coyotes: have the worst jersey in real life, just boring and terrible. Yours is probably the best concept I've seen of them yet. I like the new logo. my only critique is the hem/arm striping, you use the same striping on half of these jerseys and it gets old. And when your team is in the worst market they need good jerseys. My opinion, he striping should have a najaho/tribal pattern on them Bruins: I'm not a hockey nut, so I don't know a lot about their jerseys. But the Bruins are classic #StayClassic Sabres: they have one of the weakest jerseys in real life. I like the colors, they match well. But I'm not feeling the Buffalo Bill-Sabres logo. Using it would be like Dallas teams all having a star on their logo. It only works for Dallas Flames: really good, I like the striping. But the red hem stripe on the road is useless. I think they should have a pure white alternate #WhiteFlames Hurricanes: honestly, I didn't give them a second glance, this is my least favorite jersey you made. 1 You used the same hem/arm/waist striping that I already mentioned you used to much. 2 the logo is... It's not iconic, I really like their current logos (the hurricane and the storm flags) it would look better if you somehow used the storm flags on the jersey. That's all I can say Blackhawks: #StayClassic Avalanche: I'm not sure how I critique this? I love the color template of the team, the striping is really good. But idk something just seems off Carolina.... Wait this is Columbus!: that logo looks exactly the same of the one you made for Carolina (Though I like Columbus' way better) so get rid of one cause only baseball is able to do the same letter on multiple logos. Other than that it's really good. The striping could be a bit differently and again the road hem is useless. I think he hem should be longer (like a yoke) thanks for reading all my random useless rants,
  2. Heyo, I haven't made a request in awhile. I see you are busy but whenever you can can I get a Nova Scotia Claymores signature (from Hawkfans PHL) and a combo of the Claymores and Cleveland Ghosts (Veras' AFA) Thankyou again
  3. These are amazing, my only complaint is the TB on the Rays, it would look better with just the Ray and not the TB
  4. Burnt Orange would also be close to the Ducks on the black jersey. Maybe keep the Vegas gold and add a desert-y color while eliminating the red and chain mail arms? Or just keep the chainmail arms
  5. While I'm sorta against a NHL team in Vegas. I love the name Desert Knights, and this design is really really good. Especially for it being your first design. My only critique is the red, it looks great on the logo but I don't think it should be on the jersey. It makes it look to similar to the Coyotes, I think you should make the chain mail longer too. But other than that great job. (If this is what they decide to go around, I think the Coyotes should get out of Glendale)
  6. Thanks, at least the Sharks were finally in the cup though
  7. I'm sure you're already on it but can I get the updated Sharks. Along with the updated Sharks/TorontoFC I have ?
  8. Yea i did get them from Wikipedia, I wasn't sure myself about the teams. So thanks for double checking and getting it right. Next time I'll use baseball-reference.com. These look awesome
  9. Can I get a combination of the Reading Fightin Phils (Eastern League Champions in 1968, 1973, 1995, 2001. Division champions in 1995, 2000, 2015) and the Clearwater Threshers (Florida State League Champions in 1993, 2007. Lost championship in 1991, 1996. And division champions in 2007) thanks again
  10. Just wanting to point out you don't have a 1960 or 1967 Victory Bowl. And there are two 1962s
  11. It is, the only thing worse would be Barça and Real Madrid in one picture
  12. I don't want to jinx it. I would ask for an updated or already but I don't want to jinx it......., and of course this thread would get resurrected, as long as my teams keep winning
  13. These all look good so far. I was wondering what program you use to create these?
  14. Good job on Spokane. I was wondering if you would make this a fictional history league like Veras' AFA and Hawksfan PHL?
  15. The only thing I see wrong with Bellevue is the patch in the neck of the clash kit. On the home and logo Mt Rainer has blue mountains and white peaks, but the clash has white mountains and blue peaks, it throws me off a little. Other than that good work
  16. Ok so I couldn't they that previous post to edit, anyways here is what I actually want..... well first off, I finally figured out how to get these pictures on my sig bad news... I can only put 4 pictures. So my request is that I can get 2 teams put together on 1 picture first one is Philadelphia Phillies + New York Lizards (can I get it updated to include our championship losses? They weren't in the previous version) second is Dallas Cowboys + Tampa Bay Buccaneers third is San Jose Sharks + Toronto FC (with the Canadian Cup wins) Thank you, I hope I'm not being to annoying
  17. Can I please have one (another one i know) of Toronto FC with their Canadian Cup wins?
  18. Ok well for 'real' feedback. It's a good try, Knuckles seems like the best one so far, but like that jerk said it does look like you colored over it with crayons (not to be offensive but it kinda does) so best thing there would be to fix that a bit, shouldn't be to hard. Sonics looks good, the front stripe needs to be straight. Tails' looks.... First the striping has to be thinner, the lines should NEVER go over the front logo, same with the giant yoke. Amy's the yoke has to be completely drawn in (on the back you can see it isn't) and the heart on the front of the jersey has no need to be there. Also if they are all SEGA does that mean Megaman would be on a team to?
  19. The only thing I can say is, you did better than I would do on my first try..... Also WHERE IS SHADOW AND DR EGGMAN? Is it the Tokyo Evil Scientists?
  20. I was wondering if you could do the Cleveland Ghosts from Veras' AFA?
  21. The Sharks r looking swanky. All we need is a BIG gold star and a BIG trophy
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