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  1. Both sets look good, but the A on the hat looks a bit small and I feel the detail in the tomahawk gets a little lost. I'd recommend enlarging the logo on it a bit or perhaps maybe try putting it on a white panel to make the red pop more than as it is on the blue. Anyway great work especially with turning the mess that is the D-Backs into something new and original that works.
  2. As a Phillies Fan I can say I'm not a fan of that set. Firstly the burgandy is too dark, it just looks brown. Also the P is inconsistent choose one don't use both, and the racing stripes just don't make sense in this context. The light blue is too bright and feels out of place, it really wasn't a color used by the team outside of the road uniform in the 70s and 80s, so if you were to use it then keep it there and commit to it, it does not look good on the grey pants. Back to an earlier point, If your going to use the 80s P then get rid of the script on the jersey and use a cleaned up/modernized version of that uniform or if your gonna use the modern script, then brighten up the colors and clean up the jersey in a similar way. Make a choice in which your gonna use. Drop the alternates they don't look particularly good. Looking at the road uniform I see something that's really close to looking really good, if you used a slightly lighter Burgandy and white scheme (drop the blue) and kept the today Phillies script (stars burgandy not powder blue) with a burgandy hat with white P (matching the script) and make the piping consistent (white-burgandy-white with the same thickness in the pants and arms). If you want to use the powder blue make it a road alternate but don't use the grey pants go full blue, but lighten it so it's less bright. Also put white and burgandy liberty bells of the socks. the Pirates away script is okay but the block Pittsburgh one similar to that of the early 1900s works better IMO if it's updated and a number in the bottom left would work well there. Switch the P and # on the black alternate and make the piping consistent between the pants and arms.
  3. Everything about the throwbacks with last night was great, except the pillbox cap. They just didn't fit with the Phillies and the stripes just added clutter. While I prefer the current look, specifically the cream alternate, they should use this or the 1960s uniform on Fridays home games. Just to add variety of course and to use this more often because it looked really nice out there.
  4. 11, 26, and 35 for the Phillies even if they don't all make the hall of fame they just mean so much to the club and the fan base they have to do it.
  5. Overall the A's look good, just the shoes feel like they need color, white doesn't really work in my option. The green elephant patch also doesn't stand out enough on the green jerseys (maybe try yellow on those). Otherwise the use of the Athletics script works well and the jersey feels overall well made. Glad to see this thread come back, not a bad concept here. Keep it up.
  6. I think the third one looks best for the Marlins alternate, glad to see your back on this progress and hope to see what you unveil, it all looks good so far.
  7. Torontos hat is good on its own but with the blue jersey and that symbol not appearing anywhere else on the jersey like it does there it feels out of place. I really like the Phillies new red jersey though, hope to see that in games a few times this year (but not to replace the cream or classic home jersey of course)
  8. I like the Stalin logo and Soviet colors (they're the first things I think of when i think of Jersey) but seriously though they look cool and very original but being in the UNITED STATES FOOTBALL LEAGUE, I feel like it doesn't fit with the league name (It would be like the Canadians playing the baseball American League) So if you just do what they (previous posters) have already recommended you do it'll be damn near perfect. Nice work overall though
  9. There is a lot of red with the Angels,and it doesn't work. Its way too difficult to read the script, the hat, or the numbers. You could try with blue, or make the letters all white to fix it, but there is not too much else that could be done with it The rest all look great especially the As and Mariners. Keep up the good work
  10. I have nothing against the new Padres hat, wish they used it and the yellow on all of the uniforms though
  11. The 1970s Phillies style A look cool, but the uniform is lacking the front number and racing stripes that made that uniform unique, otherwise it's great The Phillies vests are well put together and have a good design Brooklyn Dodgers have that early NY Giants feel to them which is good I guess The all orange Giants remind me of the Flyers with that font and colors, so that's a compliment coming from a philly native, and all I have to say is good work so far And might I recommend a Red Sox-Blue Jays switch (both from the North East and in the AL East), that might be interesting if done right
  12. These all look good, especially the Giants, Angels and Chicago teams. The new O for Oakland is cool as well. My only real complaint lies in that there isn't too much changed in the Dodgers uniforms, but there isn't too much to change and it looks good regardless. I'd say the Cubs is my favorite out of all of them just because of how it has that perfect blend of both sides of Chicago
  13. I was going to suggest a Phillies-A's switch prior to the Pirates-Phillies one, which are pretty good. The Pirates one looks great, I like the black and yellow racing stripes, but the Phillies one doesn't do anything for me. Its missing something, but I don't know what, maybe its the script, or the colors are a little off. Like I said I don't really know, so do what you will and nice job overall.
  14. The concepts section is for concepts already made, delete and repost when you have stuff to show
  15. I have Gimp on my PC and I like it so much better than Paint.NET, I think its on Mac and its free so I'd recommend it