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  1. Looks great! You might want to add the names of the three cities of the Bay as well... Just to see what it looks like. (i.e. San Jose Warriors, Oakland Warriors, San Francisco Warriors)
  2. Vancouver Salmoneers is my suggestion for Vancouver. The Chinook peoples near Vancouver and around Washington State, USA, and Oregon were known for their hunting of salmon. I would suggest making a sort of Pacific Northwest stylized salmon logo (like the Canucks and the Seahawks). As for the Montreal Moose, I would suggest adding some Quebecois inflections on the logo, like maybe make the colours azure and navy and have a fleur de lis with moose horns? These are just suggestions, but I look forward to your logos.
  3. Yikes! I made a mistake, I thought I had seen that the locations were NOT set in stone. I am wrong however and I thus apologize. Keep up the good work though!
  4. Might I just say this is one of the most brilliant ideas I have ever seen!
  5. You cold legitimately make a lot of money just auctioning these off to high schools in states like Wyoming, North Dakota, and Montana.
  6. I feel like stereotypes run rampant through the nicknames of professional sports teams. (example above with the Las Vegas Mobsters)
  7. Suggestions: Little Rock Nine (sponsor: Sam's Club), Green Bay FC (sponsor: Kohl's), Deseret FC (sponsor: Zions Bank), New Orleans Crescent (sponsor: Popeye's), Maple Vermont FC (sponsor: Ben & Jerry's) These are just some suggestions. Keep up the good work!
  8. Hey McCarthy! I just saw your Cincinnati Royals concept and was curious if you were considering adding a sleeved "Queen City" alternate in red. (Like "Buzz City" with the Hornets, and "Motor City" with Detroit)