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  1. Oh well there isn't one really. Thought it would be something you would make. There is this evil Christopher reeve superman that looks similar to bizarro.
  2. Just so you know you can't search by PSN, just keywords in the name of the rebrand you create. What some people are doing is creating a blank rebrand and naming it their PSN so it can be searched for.
  3. What about a Christopher Reeve as Bizarro Superman movie poster or signature.
  4. You guys aren't done with this are you? Would you mind starting to post the jersey logos and wordmarks? I'm going to make these in NBA 2K17 and share the pics and videos here.
  5. That 76ers court looks nice.
  6. This looks great, I'm definitely going to use them in 2K17.
  7. Gave the Charlotte set a try. Here is a short video showing off the jerseys plus some pics. I changed a few things but I really like how they look ingame. great work guys.
  8. Go to your application saved data under settings tab. Then there should be an option for capture gallery for each game you've played.
  9. Hopefully this years version of the game we will be able to edit All Star game jerseys or have created teams outside of MyLeague. im going to work on some of these jerseys tonight and post the results.
  10. I like those jerseys, familiar but different.
  11. Well I'm going to give a few a shot just for the heck of it and I'll post the results here. If you could provide some of the jerseys logos that would help. Like the West or East and green circle on the Boston jerseys. Especially the logos for the Charlotte jerseys, those are the ones I want to make the most.
  12. This is awesome, great stuff. Are you going to make the actually jerseys in game? I would love to see those Charlotte and Brooklyn jerseys in motion.