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  1. Now this set I dig, especially the road and alternate. On the home, maybe try the side panel in blue, and it might me cool to see "Minnesota" on this set in a curved font, but otherwise this is a solid job.
  2. My feedback is in align with the others. This looks dated and is not an upgrade on what they presently have. I see you're trying to make a marriage of past Suns uniforms but it shouldn't look this dated. I have seen how you have snapped at others for giving feedback, but that's what this forum is here for. I would lose the solid color of the neckline and sleeve stripe and do something different with the bottom of the shorts. I would also use a different font and remove the number from the center of the sun. In fact I would remove the sun all together.
  3. It's too busy yet too plain, if that makes sense. Lacks continuity and a lot of different fonts going on, yet the overall design is still rather plain. I would remove the World Series trophy and the year Cleveland won it, and put "Cleveland in that position. I would also flip the blue in the roundel with the red, because you're logo is very close to what the Twins have.
  4. The Florida State helmet is a thing of beauty. Also, love that you somehow found an original twist on Oregon. It had seemed that everything imaginable had been done.
  5. You've done a great job here. That brown and yellow is perfection. I would love to see the home white's with the "padres" script also.
  6. Better than what they have now, but mostly anything would be. I don't like the script you chose as it looks like it says "Chnners", but I do like the logo for the most part. The basketball in the middle does look extremely out of place though.
  7. These are spectacular. I don't think anything is better than the previous set, but these are drastically better than what they have now. If I had to nitpick I would make the neckline cohesive to the pant stripe, but I love these.
  8. I absolutely love this design from top to bottom. Only slight issue I have is the helmet stripe. I'd like to see it without, but otherwise, this is superb.
  9. I like this much better personally. I think a little manipulation of the eye shape to make it more angry, and you have a winner. That Panthers logo might work if you make it just the head, and remove the neck all together. There is just a weird disconnect there. For the Vikings logo, I would give him a pupil, and slightly soften the chin.
  10. I only like the script you've used for the Cardinals logo. The Panthers logo reminds me way too much of the Michigan Panthers logo from the USFL. The Vikings logo looks like Hulk Hogan with a Viking helmet on and that Cardinals logo is a huge downgrade. It needs the pupil, and it now looks like it's wearing false eyelashes. You're talented, and I certainly want to see what else you have to offer, but I'm not liking any of these 3.
  11. I think the clash kit should be the primary, and would love to see you mix in some copper into the alternate kit. As for the stadium rendering, that's not the best work. I would also imagine an MLS team in Phoenix would just play at University of Phoenix Stadium. No way they would put them outside in the hot summer months.
  12. I would love to see this with the PAC-12 logos as they are on the actual field.
  13. Missed the boat on Minnesota. The Colors are way too drab and the pine tree M is abysmal. Denver is a win, but that's a huge lose.
  14. All the elements are there to make this unique and original, but is just doesn't pop. I would make the bird a little more conventional looking and try to make the script pop a little bit more. I don't hate this, but it could use some tweaking.