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  1. Many thanks!
  2. Interesting idea! A good solution with gold stripes on the shape of Ottawa!I am waiting for your work with the Tampa !!!
  3. –°incinnati Stingers variant 1 to be continued..))
  4. I'm sorry about what exactly the logo you are talking about?
  5. Hi! Thank you for your comments !!! I just mastering the functions of the forum and publishing rules !!! In the near future I will add my comments under the post with explanations !!!
  6. Houston Aeros variant 1 to be continued..))
  7. Thank you! Over Jokerit is still working, there are a few ideas for the logo.
  8. Yes, thank you, you surely have noticed. This template where you can do a lot of work. I do not see anything unusual about the way it works. After all, now and in Pittsburgh and Ottawa and Tamra (old EDGE) one pattern, but in different colors. Also, Philadelphia and Atlanta, the old samples. And many patterns adopts the AHL. But that is another story...
  9. Not a KHL team. I would like to say you did a great job on the logos. The thing I'm not really that impressed by is the overuse of templates. Yes, Krylya Sovetov is not KHL, but this is what I said at the beginning of Lent, he allowed himself to dream of the possible expansion of the league. This work is actually carried out, it may be 3-4 years, and they will be there
  10. I repeat, something I did not change just because it is so well done. In this case, I suggest it be called corrections or adjustments)))
  11. This is a personal opinion of everyone, but for instance Dallas and Arizona make allusion to the region in the contours of the logo on his shoulder. What a bad version of the letter?
  12. ""The "C" logo with the whale tail for the Whalers looks incredible out of place. Yes, they are located in Connecticut, but it just seems weird to recognize that as their location even on a secondary mark."" In the days of the NHL team called on the name of the city, and during the AHL on the name of the region. Why do you can not combine the city and the region in which it is located?
  13. These commands do not have ready-made, but it is. This work is a fantasy for free. More interesting to me the story of Las Vegas.
  14. Hi! Oh, yes you are right at its core is a real sample, but in my opinion they did not have enough of those little things that I said. I tried not to deviate from the color range command, something he took from the history of the team and tried on a modern look. And often faced with the fact that the best already and you should not change it.