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  1. @DineshDSouza Or slaves were taken.

  2. @thomas_aliya @realDonaldTrump Was I wrong though. Because it seems I won.

  3. @TrumpIsKnownAs @FoxNews @realDonaldTrump Great. We'll keep that in mind. I'm just happy we're seeing the end of a…

  4. @w_terrence Spiderman dies in infinity war

  5. @ohyoumadcuz Nope check again.

  6. @Ambrosia4Greeks Well considering that most gun attacks occur with handguns and blacks commit the majority of gun c…

  7. @kaylalalaj Oddly enough the population of polar bears has multiplied by 6 in last 20 years despite this

  8. @BiracialTweets @BleacherNation Not a troll, just overdramatic.

  9. @Cubs @albertalmora @WContreras40 @Addison_Russell True but it's only the Brewers

  10. RT @NFL_Memes: RT to have both a Giants & Browns fan :censored: their pants #AprilFools

  11. @Cubs Still on pace for 162-0

  12. @ilovesoros @QuantumFlux1964 Saying ":censored: blacks" or "kill the Jews" is, and should not be illegal. They have radic…

  13. @AskPlaystation my account is messed up or something. I had my auto-fill info in the id and password bar and it sai…

  14. @ClaireAllan 1. Of course, he would say this, is he supposed to say, yes, kill them all? 2. Not having the intentio…

  15. @Boogie2988

  16. @BleacherReport @AdamSchefter "a contender"

  17. @lilcupofsoup 1. While costume choice shouldn't play role in court, it's difficult to argue that they put themselve…

  18. What people don't understand is that the banning of "assault weapons" is only the beginning. After, they'll take 1.…

  19. @ESPNChiCubs Overreacting in 3..2..

  20. RT @charliekirk11: Just because something evil happens doesn't mean our rights go away #2A

  21. @jojolane52 If teachers are capable, they should be allowed to use them. People say they don't want a shoot out. I'…

  22. RT @bradan: This is a double banana. RT for 5 years of good luck. Ignore for 10 years of bad luck. Wouldn't risk it

  23. @Legendary Almost forgot she was in the movie

  24. @TyBainesCadbury So you're a male feminist only sometimes

  25. @chicagobulls @libertytax @ZachLaVine @rolopez42 @JerianGrant