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  1. Wowzer, those Avs ones are beautiful
  2. Cant find any pictures, but when the Steelers played at Pitt stadium pre 3 rivers
  3. PGH412

    LA Rams Logo

    Now that is a nice logo. Good work!
  4. correct. - superbowl 45 - superbowl 43 superbowl 40
  5. Dont think they ever have. I think the gold on black is better then black on gold. Either way, id be happy just to see a steelers endzone logo in houston in 2 weeks lol
  6. God the Avs one is gorgeous. I love the series so far, keep up the good work!
  7. PGH412

    NHL 2017-18

    Would be cool to go back to white at home, darks on the road. But hey, either way im happy
  8. Those are perfect. I really liked the broncos color rush, wish the broncos would just go back to their classic logo and it would be even better.
  9. Love the concept, i feel like if pgh had a team id watch. I only really watch international soccer, but hey id rep the team! Good job!
  10. all yellow would be a interesting look, i love it!
  11. put the poor thing out its misery
  12. This one, lightning could do so much more, but they have this boring logo.
  13. God these are fantastic. I loved the pre edge, crosby rookie era jerseys. Updated with the pgh gold makes them even better. Great work!!
  14. Throwback one please and thank you