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  1. Absolutely! That continues to be my biggest complaint with the new identity (that stayed with the update this year), the wordmark. I know there was a time when Miami had more block lettering, but I'll always prefer cursive for the workmark. Is the above the most aesthetically pleasing? Probably not. But much like the 49ERS with the old west wordmark, this will always say Miami to me. And frankly, that's why I tend to avoid merch with the wordmark these days.
  2. Man, I was really hoping for a thicker orange outline on the helmet and numbers.
  3. What's further interesting is that this video with Walt Aikens seems to feature an updated version of the logo. I'm not talking about the color (it appears to be a standard one color treatment in either white or, coincidentally, grey). But it was the eye that tipped me off first. The pupil appears to be at the back of the eye hole instead of forward facing. And the more I looked at it, the more I noticed subtle differences to the dolphin itself. It appears to be slightly streamlined with fewer lines in total. If this is the direction they are going, it's possible they are making the dolphin only aqua, killing the blue part of the logo to meld in with the aqua, and streamline some of the excess in order to make it just the one color dolphin (plus the white, which I would assume would be the negative space seen on the sign). Again, I'm probably overthinking this. But I've never seen them do an interview in front of a sign/logo like that before. It's curious, though probably nothing.
  4. I've been noticing something on social media and on the Lots of that anthracite/grey color. Like, lots. In fact, the website has no blue at all (not that it did in the previous iteration before the site redesign last summer). The Miami Herald did report changes to the logo. I wonder if they would replace the blue with a dark anthracite and call it Miami Storm Grey or something like that. I remember back when this set was introduced, one of the big points was that the white represented the beach, orange the Miami sunset, and the aqua the clear waters. And Mr. Moore did mention a talk with Ross about what Miami is today. They could even use that color as a Color Rush jersey that isn't mocked widely for being very bright (the orange of 2016). Probably conjecture and overthinking, but as a fan with newborns waiting for anything on how things are going to change (yes, I'm a big enough nerd to wait even if all that is changing is the shade of aqua) so that he can buy them gear for the fall. I figured I would toss out a thought to at least facilitate discussion.
  5. Arkansas will be unveiling new unis this evening, here is a preview from the facebook page. Looks like they are going with the same number font as the football jerseys . . .
  6. Thoughts on the validity? Personally, if that ends up being a close proximation, I am very releaved at how very un-penislike it looks. This info is no use to me if site is down -- which is it. I saved the logo to my desktop, do you think it would be okay to post it here?
  7. I've been on this board for a very long time, so I know the policy on leaks and such, so I won't post the picture directly on here. But a person of unknown credibility has posted what he claims is almost certainly the new Dolphins logo. The story seems plausible and it also contains information the Vikings uniforms as well. Thoughts on the validity? Personally, if that ends up being a close proximation, I am very releaved at how very un-penislike it looks.
  8. I would be shocked if Miamis wasn't "Fins Up!"
  9. Not to take the attention away from the massive Panthers leak, but the aqua in the Dolphins logo is significantly lighter than the normal shade. It is more in line with the 70's-89 color. Maybe it is nothing, but you never know!
  10. Aww isn't that cute, somebody didn't see numbers 6 and 8 playing in the Cotton Bowl. On a related note, how about a Cotton Bowl sig?
  11. FWIW, Darren Rovell (CNBC Sports Business Insider)mentioned on Wednesday that he had heard at least six teams were getting new looks, but that a vast majority would keep the same overall look or only have very minor tweaks.
  12. My friend, it isn't often that I look at all the concepts in a thread and love them all, but you have done it! To be honest, your Falcons just about took my breath away,I desperately want them (and the Seahawks) to adopt your concepts! Can't wait to see Miami! Go Hogs!
  13. I think the best bug they had was the one shown of two years ago without logos. It was simple, classy, and looked great. The whole production was great that year though, from the crashing helmets returning to Gifford introing the games. I HATED the logos being forced poorly into the look last year. It looked horrible then and looking at that picture, it looks horrible now. As for this set, my knee jerk reaction was that I liked it. It is a step back toward the red and black they went with when they first got the package. Upon further inspection, I'm slightly less impressed with it . . . but I do applaud ESPN with going with something other than black and yellow (FOX/NFLN), black and chrome (NBC, still my favorite package BTW, though it is showing its age at year six), or blue and red (CBS).
  14. Posted this in the other thread, but here is the Arkansas helmet in action!