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  1. Anybody else think the USA vs. Ecuador Copa America quarterfinal might've been...pre-determined? That match was awful. If Ecuador had won, Lionel Messi wouldn't have played the USMNT...in the USA...in the Copa America semi-final... P.S. No doubt about that Gold Medal Match. Congratulations Chile.
  2. All of these are extremely clever. The Calgary Flames logo looks like it should be printed on the side of a plastic slot machine in some dusty casino outside Reno.
  3. There was another American Soccer League that played from 1933 to 1983 and there were a few of teams from these cities: Miami Americans 1976-1980 Fall River Astros 1967-1968 Chicago Cats 1975-1976 (great name) And don't forget the North American Soccer League, 1968-1984: Kansas City Spurs 1968-1970 (the first professional soccer team in Kansas City) Washington Darts 1967-1969 Golden Gate (San Fran.) Gales 1980 Indianapolis Daredevils 1978-1979 (great name) I think it's only a matter of time until we see MLS teams commemorate these early American soccer teams. The NPSL only existed for one year (1968), but the Pittsburgh Phantoms were apparently pretty popular playing at Forbes Field, this was their logo:
  4. Now that Las Vegas has an NHL team, the Stanley Cup champs should drop Vegas Gold altogether. As a lifelong Pens fan, we should bring these back for away games:
  5. These concepts need more references to "bat country" and post-apocalyptic biker gangs IMO. Replace any references to the military with skulls wearing sunglasses. Are there any horses in Las Vegas?
  6. Teams without an arch rival are bad teams. ...Discuss.
  7. Also, Liberty has three major "sports entities," William Jewell College (Cardinals), Liberty High School (Blue Jays), and Liberty North High School (Eagles). A "non-bird-themed" nickname would be recognized by Liberty sports fans. City Park is a few blocks away from the oldest elementary school in Liberty, Franklin Elementary. When I went to school there, we were known as the "Falcons." *City Park is also across the street from a cemetery, so maybe "Ravens?" Or maybe some other aviary herald of human death? "Vultures?"
  8. Of course the Twisters would play at City Park. Perfect. Great job on this. For a long time, I thought I was the only person in Kansas City who appreciated good sports design. It led me to college with an interest in literary arts and I totally attribute my attention to detail and philosophical interest in meaning and form to sports logos. I really like the Shawnee Chiefs' white jersey. I am now a fan of large, offset, logos depicting character actions that incorporate white space on the other side of the jersey. The Chief, smacking a fly ball and glancing up at it, smiling, incorporates the white space on the other side of the jersey by leading the viewer to believe that there's more action beyond the image portrayed. I think the obvious issue of the depiction of American Indians in baseball is slightly more of a concern than depictions of Indians in football. Football has a long history of American Indians playing football (Carlisle Indian School has a huge place in the birth of American football, but an even bigger place in the history of American abuses of Native people). Baseball, however, is older and from a time when the difference between "English" and "Indian" was more fraught with violence. Wiffle-ball is politically innocuous IMO, and there is no need to discern anti-political and political symbolism in wiffleball–"psychosis" (read "apolitical") is probably a benefit in wiffleball team identity design. The Monarchs/Chiefs names force fans to take a side. Of course, these names are also already symbols of Kansas City sports fanhood, which allows the fan to hide his or her political affiliations or opinions. The issue is that no representation is "innocuous" or "without opinion." In fact, "Liberty Twisters" might not fly in Liberty, MO. I still remember the "May 4th" tornado that ripped through my neighborhood over a decade ago. Sure, tornadoes mimic the action of a wiffle-ball in its crazy movement, but the analogy isn't accurate. Tornadoes are just too frightening, damaging, and ultimately sad for wiffle-ball in my opinion. But, yeah, I get it, it's wiffle-ball...but "twisters" and "outlaws" (Jesse James, ex-confederate soldier, made the first "daylight bank robbery" in America in Liberty) is a little too earnest for wiffle-ball symbolism. "Twisters" doesn't do justice to tornadoes...and every Liberty resident would know that, just like some of us understand the complexity of Jesse James as a "hometown hero." "Indians" means more than "those with red skin," "tornadoes" are more than "a notable midwestern weather event," and "Kansas City Monarchs" means more than "historical Kansas City baseball team name." You have a gift for design and it is up to people like you to come up with further designs that people can truly support. We're looking for "new clichés." There is nothing worse, as you know, than seeing your hometown team completely swing and miss on a logo/identity design. The Missouri Mavericks hockey team is a great example. Who would have thought that, for a Kansas City-based sports team, the colors blue and orange, a Denver Broncos-themed jersey number pattern, and a logo with a bronco in it could be 100% supported by Kansas City sports fans? We all want to support your new ideas and talent, but leaving open opportunities for others to dislike it, like the Mavericks logo and colors, is an over-sight that might not affect "ticket sales," but is a failure for fans of good design. I love the consonance and double-meaning in the "Shawnee Chiefs" team name, but some people will see in it something else I might not even totally understand. Liberty, class of '06.
  9. Do the Twist! So cool to unexpectedly see my hometown here.
  10. Look at the logo. What does it remind you of?...Where have you seen this image before?...That's right!... ...on the back of hockey cards. The Panther looks like he is posing for his annual individual team photo. His head, even though it is facing off to the side, looks like it was staged by a photographer. Even the bottom of the shield could be the collar of his jersey. Why not put the individual player's yearly roster photo on the chest of the jersey? Why duplicate the pattern on the collar with the same pattern that's around the shield? I wouldn't put this logo on the chest. I'd put it "on the collar." Line up the collar of the jersey with the outline of the shield. Yeah, the wordmark would be upside down on the nameplate, but you could just flip it back and replace it with the player's name. ...then you could keep the flying panther logo on the front of the jersey.
  11. To settle "the DH problem," the NL eliminates the hitting pitcher position and the AL eliminates the DH. An 8-man batting order in both leagues. Ta da!
  12. I like the ice cream cone apostrophe, but I see no need for any of the other changes. Maybe gradients are too expensive to print or something? Also, that gross green-and-yellow scheme is not appetizing.
  13. Look at which club was ranked the 24th richest in 2007... ...Rangers
  14. I didn't know this. The plan for a Pan-European league was ultimately junked in order to expand the Champions League and UEFA Cup/Europa League.