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  1. LOVE your descriptions for the bottom feeders. What a fun read and I found myself agreeing with most of your opinions. I hope you do the other major sports next!
  2. This is brilliant! Would love to hear what Aboriginal people think of it.
  3. Crap you're right! I'll try to update when I get a chance.
  4. The great Battle of Seattle thread and rumors that they will indeed be the Seattle Sockeyes inspired me do make this. C&C welcome!
  5. I agree, that striping on the back of the Riders jersey looks SO sloppy and disjointed. And side panels are so dumb!
  6. True but then just have Jets then? I was hoping for a cool update of that logo with the sleek jet.
  7. You have a cool name like Jets which could be an iconic logo and you put a football inside of a football then spell out the entire team name? I dunno, just doesn't inspire me too much.
  8. Wish there was a jet in there instead of the football. Not hideous but not super exciting either.
  9. Thanks man, appreciate that. And yeah, I thought a visual might be better than a long winded explanation but I guess I broke some kind of golden rule there, lol. Never knew black was confirmed - hope its not too much! (personally i don't think it's necessary)
  10. Just wanted to see if pewter might work. Not really sure if it does. Will probably put this one to bed now and see if I can get some NFL ideas done that I have floating around in my head. Thanks for all the feedback!
  11. A different kind of color scheme....
  12. Not sure if yellow/gold is as good as silver for an accent but thought I'd throw it out there anyway...
  13. Another variation on the teal color scheme and a new anchor logo which is also supposed to suggest a football. Also added silver highlights as one poster suggested.
  14. Some ideas I've had for the potential new CFL team, the Atlantic Schooners. I'm not super happy with the logos so far - hopefully I can improve on them in the next round.
  15. Sure thing - although they already have some nice unis and sweet throwbacks. I'll see if I can make something unique.
  16. Fixing the Brewers is simple - just go back to the colors and logos that everyone already loved. I added a few twists just so all of the these don't look exactly like the throwbacks. And of course - who doesn't like a team mascot that's made out of a beer keg.
  17. Sorry for back to back bevel wordmarks but I think think Texas looks better with it. Big and bold!
  18. Did a quick test and it looks better. Will try to update when I can.
  19. You're right about the Miami script - I'll try to update that when I have some time. Here is the closeup...
  20. Next up - Colorado. They have a pretty nice and unique color scheme butI find their current logos pretty weak, they could definitely use some beefing up.
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