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  1. My apologies. I save my best efforts for my Twitter battles with ColonelBernieSanders
  2. This thread is lacking. Yeah okay, so the CFB season has yet to begin.... Still, as another campaign promise, I would like to push for the reinstatement of one WillMorris. If only for these college football threads. #maketheCCSLCgreatagain
  3. Yasiel Puig is another reason why we need to build a wall along our border with Cuba What? It's an ocean you say? Trivial detail there, people. Trivial!
  4. I will bet my awesome looking candy apple red toupee that the Cubs will not win the pennant. Just going out on a huge limb here. HUUUUUUGE.
  5. What the CCSLC needs is more taxidermy. Lots of taxidermy. It would start a HUGE conversation. HUUUUUUGE.
  6. Whatever name this new NHL team in Las Vegas takes, they will be a HUGE success on and off the ice. My good friend Gary Bettman was right to tell those Quebecor losers "You're fired!"
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