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  1. Oh neat, that makes sense. I thought the white/navy was their original scheme. Thanks for the info. Regardless, I still don't like the yellow/blue, I still prefer the white/navy scheme.
  2. I agree, I would have completely rebranded, I'm not a fan of keeping names... My point was it still "worked" on some level, even though a rebrand would have been better. Basically, it wasn't a Utah Jazz/ NO Hornets/ Memphis Grizzlies mistake, keeping 'Stars' in Dallas still makes sense, even though a rebrand should have been done.
  3. I think LA's royal blue and yellow jerseys are horrendous, they hurt my eyeballs. Something just screams "childish" about them, I just think Fisher-Price and Duplos whenever I see those jerseys posted. Don't get it twisted, I wasn't a fan of the navy and gold STL Rams either. My favorite are the white/navy throwbacks... This is what LA should do, clean and crisp, plus they're throwbacks to BEFORE the royal/yellow.
  4. It worked well for the Dallas Stars too. Texas being the 'star' state. If it works, then keep it (your example, Dallas Stars), but I think that's the exception.
  5. I prefer complete rebrands. Usually, team names have a tie to the area, when they move it makes the name pointless. The Jazz in Utah, Lakers in LA, Grizzlies in Memphis, Hornets in NO, Oilers in Tennessee... Those are all silly and literally make zero sense. Start fresh. It's a new team, a new franchise. The owners should take advantage and make it something the locals can have some tie to and pride in.
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