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  1. This has to be the most unintentionally obscene logo ever. That devil has an arm, a leg, and well...
  2. My only other question is, have any of those Zephyr logos been adopted by teams as an actual element of their identity?
  3. I saw this while looking through the discount headwear at a local sporting goods shop. The logo depicts a hockey glove emblazoned with NYR holding a torch, certainly a play on the Statue of Liberty. It was officially licensed but something I had never seen before, any insight? (Sorry for the low quality pic.)
  4. All I keep seeing are the eyes of the Chicago Bull.
  5. It's a logo he used exclusively on his batting gloves and cleats. Kind of a play on the Gold Glove awards he won, I think. The logo does look a lot like the Brewers logo but has the #25 stitched in the palm. Seen here on his spikes:
  6. I bought the men's version months ago at Urban Outfitters, definitely not an early leak. The Red Sox aren't foolish enough to use the contrasting sock logos together.
  7. Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks: (1999-2004) (2007-?)
  8. Wait. I thought this was Chris Webber's logo:
  9. Paul Pierce: Kevin Durant: (KD on the upper of his right sneaker) Sebastian Telfair:
  10. Miss again for the Coyotes. How many more times will they try? The coyote looks more like a fox, the sleeve piping is unappealing and the side paneling is uneven and looks like a basketball jersey.
  11. Used alot by the Red Sox at Fenway for signage, etc.
  12. Upgrade. Those will look great on the Sox jerseys come October. Red Sox that is.
  13. Daisuke actually wore this shirt very early in the season, maybe even in his first home start at Fenway.