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  1. lets discuss, favorite fields of all time? For me it's a few. SB 30: This field incorporated all of everyone's favorite details at once while being a matchup of the most legendary and classic branded franchises. The uniform matchup, the grass, the venue, the field design, and the blue v yellow endzone was a perfect alignment in my opinion SB 34: I think this was the best of the mid-field helmet era despite being on astro turf and not having number detailing. That's ok, bc the endzone designs as a whole might be the best of all time with powder blue versus bright yellow. SB 44: No bias bc i'm a saints fan here: but wow. I mean, it's a total shame there was no 50 and 20's and number outlining. That would maybe make it the greatest field. The uniform matchup, the grass, and field painting were amazing. There hasn't been a field better ever if they just outlined the 50 and 20's. I personally thought the helmetless look was great as long as they included a great big team logo and conference logo. That was the last field with the old conference logos and unique SB logos. When I saw that saints endzone on SB morning with that perfect gold paint and that black fleur de lis, I was floored. This year I thought Chiefs v Saints would have been epic in both endzone and uniform matchup. Maybe someone can make a SB 53 field of saints v chiefs in the format of SB 44 with 20's and 50's outlining. That would have been the best looking field ever potentially. Red v Gold. Saints in all black v Chiefs in all white or maybe they wear the red pants. I cant believe this trash all blue corporate matchup with corporate fan bases instead. and a bullshi field
  2. This field might be worst of all time. Toss up between this one and 48. Both are total trash, but somehow this one is even worse. Unreal how they continually choose to decrease the quality of their product and branding.
  3. love the fields. I guess because I grew up in the 90s, I dont really have appreciation for the opposing helmets as much as many here, but I get the nostalgia. I guess I feel that the conference logo on a helmet is unrealistic and kind of goofy, so I am a fan of this templet, but with SB 42-47 endzones. Also, I think blue and silver is a good look for the pat's 20. It's what they did in SB 36. Its unique and distinguishes it from the decoration on the 50.
  4. I just dont understand why they would take away things that were once so good, and took nothing away. It isn't an issue of laziness, they go through extreme efforts for presentation of the SB. Preparation of the field (esp on field turf) is nothing in the grand scheme of getting a host location ready
  5. These fields are seriously such trash. Maybe on this board we can organize ourselves and become activists for this? Personally I love: 1. The endzones from SB's 42-47. The team logo, team name, and conference logs with a predictable format and template. (38-42 were good too, but I prefer just the team logo in the endzone as opposed to the helmets like 38-39, and I didnt care for the designs around the conference logos in 40-41). 2. The NFL logo/SB logo format from 38-44. (When they had the unique logos). 3. The detailing and outlining of numbers and 20s/50s from SB's 33/35 and others im sure. (Saints Fan please dont pile on about this.) What I like about this template is the endzones are strictly for the team, the mid field is independent of team. Detailing of yardlines and numbers could be team specific or NFL/SB logo colors. Maybe we can see a field that follows this template, but with the fictitious alternate SB 52 logo posted above.
  6. Lol. We are not the same person. I don't know who saints fan 17 is but I find his precisely repetitive requests really bizarre and annoying. When I told him to stop, it's bc it was bothering me. I also just happened to request the same thing a time or two bc, I too, would love to see a return to this
  7. How about a field with endzone templates of SB 42-44, but field template of SB 38-39? I think that was the best of the bests
  8. Maybe do a gold viking endzone with the early 2000s scheme: shield at mid field, endzones with conf logo and team logo, outlines on 50, and 20's?
  9. What about a vikings yellow end zone? I don't think it would be too shocking thinking of past similar decisions (pittsburgh with yellow, saints with the gold endzone in 44). I think the best would be teal Jags, yellow vikings. lets see that maybe?
  10. this is seriously pathetic. they just keep taking away more and more every year. one of us seriously needs to figure out a way to contact the nfl about this and show them how much people care about this!
  11. the blue and silver outline of the 20 yd line for the pats in super bowl 36 was so awesome. I can't believe they let these kind of awesome little details go
  12. Would it kill them to outline the 50's, and 20's? its such a nice touch. They used to always do this, plus outline team names, and numbers. If they just did all of this, it would be so nice, despite lack of conference logos. Can someone do this field with team names, numbers, and 50's and 20's outlined? also the 2 pt conversion lines!
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