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  1. Agree with both of those, and as a Toronto fan, I love the update.
  2. I like the original Mankato crest. It makes the ship seams as if it is sailing away.
  3. I just say no to the white pants on the all star jerseys. When the Kings did that with the stadium series jerseys it was horrendous.
  4. I like the idea of Grey Duck but a happy medium is certainly Grey Goose
  5. I love what you have so far. Could you by any chance post a map showing where every team will be?
  6. I really wish the Claymores could stay but I'm wondering what could happen with a team in Nola since it's not a big hockey community.
  7. I think Buffalo looks great. The stripe on the navy one makes the logo pop.
  8. Now that we have that figured out, I'm looking forward to the off-season.
  9. I really like this, but for the Pines the green pants are a little disturbing to me.
  10. Congrats I just wanted to say I've read through this whole thing in like 2 weeks and created an account just for this. Anyways no bribes, I'm a fan of the beloved Toronto Racers.