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  1. For what it's worth Dwyane Wade on Twitter was asked if he'll bring back the purple for the jazz. He said no that would be too typical and they aren't typical. Said some fresh new heat was coming. (Obviously not for this season).

  2. Has anyone seen any of the draft hats yet?


    Also my biggest complaint about the nike jerseys is with the city jerseys changing so often it seems teams are less likely to do a total brand refresh (new logo, colors...etc).

  3. 2 hours ago, sayahh said:

    Source?  Aren't the bottom two the original ones used prior to the boring standardized logos?  The Logoman on the bottom two are the old logos (lighter blue, wider NBA font).

    NBA survey they (the nba) sent out. And yes I'm assuming they are choosing their one from last year or going back to the old script one more or less. 


    I'm sure the logoman will but updated if they choose to go with it. 

  4. 14 minutes ago, projectjohn said:

    The gray, I mean anthracite, is spreading.. can’t wait for this trend to die.


    But hey, on the bright side it looks like at least “Buzz City” is dead.

    That is not anthracite. It is gray. Anthracite is much darker.


    A gray uniform could have looked cool with some purple and teal trim. But that huge purple font with white numbers is bad.

  5. 13 hours ago, mgfoxx said:

    Dang, this looks to be a little more red than burnt orange. I'm hoping that the actual uniforms are closer to Conrad's mockup. DQz_ssdVoAAuKC6?format=jpg

    I actually like this gradient better than his mock up. Flows better. It'll be interesting to see how that gradient will be on a full uniform. Like top red and the shorts yellow with a gradient in between or something. I'm excited to see his updated mock.

  6. 14 hours ago, the_Raptors_king said:

    Gold and Black is here to stay. This is the Raptors 4th "City Edition" Nike Uniform. This uniform replaces last seasons "Drake" uniform. It is unclear when this jersey will see the court for the first time, but this is exciting. The first raptors jersey in a long time not to follow the regular template. More info to come soon... 


    ➡︎ https://raptorsking.weebly.com



    Raptors City Uniform copy copy.jpg

    I actually like this a lot. The number is awful though. Should be white with a gold trim i'm thinking. Also a white trim around the north may look better. Not sure though. But overall I like it.

  7. I honestly have no issues with color v color games. As long as it isn't yellow vs orange or something like that. T'wolves neon green may look bad with a yellow too. But other than that, green v blue, red v blue, red v green I'm all for.

  8. Anyone see KCP's jersey last night?? There was a huge gap from the NOB to the # where everyone else only had a small gap. Drove me crazy. Probably due tho his long name, but still, don't see why they couldn't bump his # up more.


  9. 50 minutes ago, the admiral said:

    I noticed the standings on nba.com list the "Los Angeles Lakers" but the "LA Clippers," so they really must be serious about pushing "LA" as the Clippers' location rather than "Los Angeles." How stupid.

    Yep they officially changed their name this season to the LA Clippers. Kinda strange, I just want them to get their own arena, which I hear is coming down the road.

  10. Ok i'm starting to actually like these. BUT they would look 1000000x better with more green. Interested to see if anyone re-creates these with more green to see how they look.


    Also that no waistband logo is awful and awkward. Shoulda had that ball logo on it.

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