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  1. Liberty unveiled their new red unis today
  2. UCF’s space unis are how you can do an over the top one-off alt the right way. TCU’s blood frog unis are... not.
  3. Not the greatest look ever, to put it lightly. Has Ole Miss worn their navy helmet this season yet?
  4. Howard unveils their new uniforms with more of an emphasis on blue and grey, relegating red to an accent color (well, more of an accent color than it already was)
  5. Iowa unveils... a uniform. That’s about the best that can be said about it.
  6. Helmet stripe unveiling video for Mizzou. This change has already been noted in this thread, but it’s also worth mentioning that the black pants in the video still have the “tiger” stripes on the side which might mean that only the white pants are getting the athletic stripe treatment.
  7. West Virginia looks great imo. Even the grey works for me.
  8. I thought this was a late April Fools joke when I saw it. These might be in the running for worst alternate uniform ever.
  9. Mizzou ditching the “tiger” helmet stripes they’ve had since their rebrand in 2012 and returning to their traditional helmet stripe.
  10. ASU vs. Fresno St. is a prime example of how not to do Color vs. Color.
  11. Can Mizzou just go back to the regular colored version of these already please
  12. These Colgate throwbacks are... something
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