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  1. Thanks! Boston Celtics are in "WIP" stage!
  2. Today I went the other way. I got three Arsenal legends and put them in the current cast. The team really needs their talents these days.
  3. Of course my friend! Any suggestions from players in the current cast?
  4. Wow, that's cool, I appreciate the compliment!
  5. 1950, first world cup in Brazil <3 Why not? Let's try
  6. Hi guys! Well, I'm starting this new project here in the forum. My idea is to imagine the NBA franchises as MLS franchises. It's a simple thing, I think other people should have done it here, but I think it's worth bringing my vision to you. The shirts will be made in alphabetical order, and starting from the beginning, let's go to the Atlanta Hawks! HOME JERSEY AWAY JERSEY THIRD JERSEY CITY EDITION JERSEY
  7. Wow! Thank you very much for the compliment! Yes, man, I'm accepting orders, yes, I want this topic to last for all of 2018! Thanks man! It's in my plans, yes!
  8. Hello! In this topic I will post the concepts of football shirts I am making. I thought it was better to make a topic for all football shirts than to create one for each league, but I'm going to post concepts here for clubs around the world! If you want to see my creative process, and see some posts ahead of time, follow me at TOKYO VERDY | THIRD KIT TOKYO VERDY | ALTERNATIVE THIRD KIT BOHEMIAN FC | FUTURE HOME KIT BOHEMIAN FC | FUTURE AWAY KIT UD LAS PALMAS | HOME KIT UD LAS PALMAS | AWAY KIT TORONTO FC | THIRD KIT TORONTO FC | WHITE ALTERNATIVE THIRD KIT TORONTO FC | GREY ALTERNATIVE THIRD KIT
  9. Hello everyone! I came here to show my new project, which basically is: I get football players in their current clubs, and put them in the same clubs, but in other times. Simple, but I think it's very interesting! If you want to see my creative process, and see some posts ahead of time, follow me at Enough talk, and let's go to the posts: LIONEL MESSI | BARÇA 80's PAULINHO | BARÇA 90's LUISITO | BARÇA 80's