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  1. What a shame. Their color rush set is so much better.
  2. Not a fan of those BFBS Bucks jerseys.
  3. I couldn't agree more, my friend. I cannot stand this obsessive compulsion to make every sports logo "tough and fierce". It's so overdone and boring frankly. Not unlike the muting/killing of color in sports sets in the 90s and 2000s, with both fads being connected to one another.
  4. That set looks phenomenal. Great work! If the Brewers do something like this (and they should) then I want them to elevate the Beer Barrel Man as their primary mascot. Human Bernie Brewer from the 80s was kinda cool, but mascot Bernie is kinda lame imo.
  5. We'll have to agree to disagree on that. Because I do, strongly.
  6. And get rid of that stupid B in the Raven head.
  7. Besides the fact that the block M has clearly been demonstrated to have far more history with Milwaukee baseball clubs, it's also a far better and simpler design. As has been said thousands of times, the Fauxsive barley M is just too busy and overdesigned.
  8. Good decision by the Browns. It's the best uniform in their set right now.
  9. The nostalgia factor cannot be applied to me as I was born around the time that the BiG and color scheme was sadly thrown aside in favor of the dreck that came after.
  10. I like the Hornets purple throwbacks. They need to go back to them or some kind of fauxback full time.
  11. That logo makes it look like it's the 56th year anniversary.
  12. Overall, they look pretty sharp. The green is so much better than on their last set. But I agree with those saying that one of the only things really missing is the 80's helmet logo. They really should have done that.
  13. I say keep the name, switch the logo to something akin to their 78-82 one, switch the royal blue to powder or at least a lighter blue, switch the red to orange/blood orange, get rid of the black, add a darker blue as an accent.