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  1. No orange no bueno. If the rumors are true.
  2. I love Brownie the Elf. The more use of him the better.
  3. There are some color balancing issues with it and too many outlines. But better than what they have now though.
  4. Exactly my feelings as well. Also... as much as I don't like the Vikings, I love the Viking horns on the helmet. Just wanted to say.
  5. How dare you, sir. I would never wish that on you Vikings fans.
  6. Careful now. That's the same thing people said about the NBA and in my opinion Nike's been a lot worse.
  7. My money's on monochrome Pewter or monochrome Black with Pewter numbers etc. Both sound terrible yet enough to make sense.
  8. Well, if the helmet rule is really about to change then that's great for us on Creamsicle Isle. But their upcoming pewter based set better still have orange involved.
  9. Hey, the Chargers finally made a good choice.
  10. Agreed. Plus I'm beyond tired of angry looking floating head animal logos.
  11. The LA logo is a fine secondary, but it makes for a bad primary.
  12. While I like the idea of the homage of the old Ram logo, the execution is so-so to me. The colors are good though thankfully.
  13. This is pretty much exactly what I was recently thinking the Herd should do. Great job!