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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Which is why it's silly to put it on a sports jersey. Put it on fan t-shirts that will be sold locally, but not on a jersey that's just going to make the rest of the country go "huh?" Again, it's the 40th anniversary. And apparently (upon reading an article on today's announcements) they'll only be used twice each: They're going to have four different games honoring each of the four decades of the team - two will feature the 76-77 style red away, two the new white "rip city" jerseys. It's not going to encroach all that much I don't think. For what it's worth, the jerseys seem to have been received well by the Blazers fan community - especially the red throwbacks. It's a celebration for the fans this year, it really doesn't matter what others think.
  3. Rip City isn't some new catch phrase, term, or marketing campaign. It's been around since the '70s, certainly at least the '80s. However, we don't get much press coverage nationwide, and certainly not of that nickname...but believe me, as a Portland native, it's a name that's been around a long time and is in the vernacular. That said, I love it. I love that we're bringing back the championship season road reds as an away alternate completely untouched, and the design of the "rip city" shirt is great - it uses a modernized version of the old-style font: and has a pretty cool, simple design. Also, keep in mind these are the replica jerseys we're seeing - the final authentics will probably look a bit sharper.
  4. those are the away, and since Everton's homes are blue and the aways are predominantly black, it's no surprise to see a white third kit.
  5. I think it's official that you have no soul because that is the single greatest thing we've seen all offseason. Now I want to get one if only for playing five-a-side to bust out the King face after a goal.
  6. If the black pants are in the game you'll be able to mix and match them with any of the jersey combos. Complete freeform mixing and matching will be available in the game, though it'll also have the defaults. For FSU, you could wear the black jersey with the garnet pants if you really wanted. IIRC from the demo you can also change sock color. And, again, they have all of Oregon's stuff last year minus the "lights out" all-black look that carried over into our new uniforms. The new uniforms weren't included because they would've been shown early when Team Builder launched....like Boise State's were. So they held them back and probably won't get them into the game because of it.
  7. simple and classy never gets old. Better that than what was had in the early '90s (hilariously bad taste) or what Adidas is putting out now (rubber stamping most every team).
  8. pretty sure if they didn't have VW on it this year, it was one of the model names. The team is owned by VW, after all. also again jury is still out for me on the Arsenal third until I see it under normal lighting. The photoshops Nike put out are just too hard to tell. Not a big fan of the concept, though. I don't see what's wrong with having a yellow and blue away kit, and MAYBE a blue third. [edit] also Man City has a teaser video up on its site for the new kits: http://www.mcfc.co.uk/Video/Uncategorized/Kit-teaser?play=1 Pure, utter class.
  9. dear god *dies* content: Arsenal 3rd kit unveiled. White with redcurrant pinstriped shirt, "antharcite gray" shorts with a redcurrant stripe, and white socks with horizontal redcurrant stripe. Hard to tell how it actually looks because of the way the picture's filtered on the Arsenal site, but the idea at least....could be decent. Kind of a shame if this retires the yellow jersey from last year already though.
  10. away games at UCLA, Stanford and Arizona this season, and two more years of warm-weather away games (including Arizona State, USC, and Tennessee tentatively next year).
  11. doesn't mean they can't go back to a previous look. Same with the Rockets, they could use a yellow to replace the silver and make the look more like the 80s/90s uniforms (not the space pajamas). I keep hearing whispers of the Blazers going for a different look, but nothing substantial.
  12. Football players are dumb enough to like the uniforms Oregon comes up with, hence why they look like that. Also .
  13. Again, as an Oregon alum, this is all I ask for - give us our school colors and a white away jersey (as dictated by rules and tradition) that incorporates them where possible. The sad thing is they've done that - the green homes look awesome, the white and green top is honestly the best jersey we've had since at least 2005, and though I wish it had dark green instead of black, the yellow is still good too. The shades of green and yellow they've chosen are better than the previous uniforms' green and yellow, too. But the black and, especially, silver looks just aren't us. Again, technically, they're done as well as the others, and I honestly like the look with the wings....just not the extra colors that we've picked up that aren't ours. Add some crimson and the silver pants and helmet would look alright for Wazzu. Ah well. Hopefully we'll finish in the top 10 this season...again. At a certain point the jerseys don't matter so long as we keep on kicking ass.
  14. FYI they kept the diamond plate uniforms from 2006 through the 2008 season....so yes, they settled on a design for three years. We mixed and matched the jersey tops, pants, helmets, etc., but they were a uniform set for those three years. again: for anybody asking for or expecting Oregon's uniforms to be traditional or more typically classy, you're barking up the wrong tree. I doubt we're ever going to do something safe - three sleeve stripes, plain helmets, simple jerseys, stripes down the pants - ever, ever again (barring throwbacks....pleeeeeeeeease 1994 throwbacks!). Penn State, or Michigan, or Notre Dame are that way, traditionalists. I don't get the silver look because we're not the Oakland freaking Raiders. My school colors are green and yellow - and white is the mandated away jersey color. Give me those three, and I'm a very happy boy. The black I'm begrudgingly accepting, but the silver? I don't get it. As executed, the silver looks great...but it's not one of my colors. Give me my colors, Nike.