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  1. Should have just went back to the old set. They should have never changed from it in the first place.
  2. Fantastic! did they change the size of the lettering on the road jersey? Is it me or does the size and spacing look different than last couple years?
  3. I just don’t get why they can’t scrap their current identity and just commit full time to these. As a lifelong Dolphins fan I have barely followed them since the rebrand. I just can’t get into them in this set.
  4. Close, get rid of wahoo, outline the c in white and they are in the top 10 for sure.
  5. ^^^ gee thanks mister!!! Thanks for the learning knowledge. Either way this look is terrible. They would benefit from some stripes on their “not” yoga pants.
  6. Forgot the Cardinals, yep I agree. I still think that as bad as the Bucs look at least they don’t wear teal yoga pants.
  7. Outside of the Titans, Bengals, Browns and Falcons I honestly don’t know who looks worst then this.
  8. Holy moly! the Jags went from underdone and boring the first 5 weeks to dumpster fire this week. Black over teal yoga pants. Ewwwww.
  9. 1. Dodgers 2. Red Sox 3. A’s 4. Braves 5. Cubs 6. Yankees 7. Indians 8. Rockies 9. Astros 10. Brewers
  10. Flimsy bill that doesn’t hold if you bend it. The new era tags don’t seem era appropriate. The thing that is vexing is that the embroidery of the logos look good it’s just they don’t feel right. Can’t tell if it’s just because they are 25 years of or if they are fake.
  11. Sorry for bumping this thread but I have a question about counterfeit new era hats. I bought a bunch of vintage never worn new era hats and they look authentic but just feel wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Correction. The Jags look mediocre to severely bland while the Titans look like they were designed as a joke and not as real option for an nfl franchise. I’ll never understand the love for these jags uniforms, they had a perfect identity prior to 2009 and they completely the bed on each attempt to upgrade. Yes I know someone is going to say the helmet is beautiful and I concede but the rest is just unforgivable from a design standpoint.
  13. ^^^ I have no idea what you are talking about in regards to the jaguars uniforms. I actually don’t know what is to like about this set other than the helmet, which I admit is a vast improvement over the two tone garbage they had. But the stripe less pants and boring jersey is what a lot of people on this board complained about when they were unveiled and to me it looks even worse on the field. These are a complete swing and a miss and I bet they will have something new or at the very least tweaked in a few years. I hope they go with a throwback option like the dolphins did so people can drool and remember that just about 15 years ago they had a top 5 look and a contemporary classic before they decided to royally screw up their uniforms beyond belief.
  14. Excellent, now change the number font, get dolphins off the front of the jersey and kill that logo.
  15. Like some have pointed out, the only thing they got right was the helmet. No two tone or flake garbage but man talk about dropping the ball. These uniforms are so boring, how hard is this? I mean c’mon.
  16. Meh, not good but not bad. Just boring. An upgrade over the last two sets but a major step down from the early 2000s
  17. I hope they just drop this awful set as soon as possible. Totally unnecessary rebrand, they had a great look, all they had to do was drop the navy from the old set and they would have a top 5 identity.
  18. The better question is should the marlins just scrap the hideous mess they wear now and return to the classic set with alternate teal hats and the answer is hell yes. I don’t get these Florida teams, the dolphins, Marlins, Jaguars, buccaneers, lightning and panthers all got it right the first time.
  19. Honestly if they went that route with gloss helmets I think they would have a top 10 identity. Love the blend of old and current sets.
  20. This is borderline perfect, if they went back to this they would have a top 10 look in my opinion. Change to teal numbers and you have a top 5 look.
  21. How is it possible that they screwed this up this bad? I think the horrific previous set is better than the boring, uninspired drab set that these are. On the be bright side at least these will be gone 5 years from now. Terrible. Just go back to the 1998- 2008 unis and update it. How hard could it be?
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