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  1. Pokes have new '87 Thurman Thomas throwbacks for this weekend. Just as beautiful as the orange variant they wore in honor of Barry Sanders.
  2. On this note, can anyone show me an example of the "historical Buccaneer blade carvings" that inspired the number font? All these years, and I have yet to find any hint to what the hell they were talking about.
  3. Look at that subtle coloring....The tasteful thickness.
  4. Just reduce the flag size and these would be near perfect.
  5. It just reeks of Nike unnecessarily over-complicating it. They can't restrain themselves. The gradient is gimmicky and is already dated. It's almost like planned obsolescence, as is the oversized logo and jersey font. But the icing on the cake for me is the pointless stripe that goes halfway to the armpit. The pant stripe is fine. There was absolutely no reason for the extension. It's as stupid as the Titans' armpit navy. Everyone else from the initial Nike cluster:censored:s is pulling back and coming out with decent, simple uniforms (which is where the pendulum is swinging). These look like they were designed to "make a statement," the "this is so fire emoji" folks on Twitter will drool over them, but will be largely hated by the fanbase. Then, in five years, there will be a return to a simpler design (which Nike will still some how screw up).
  6. Pokes going all black with Ed Hardy helmets featuring oSu brand and orange facemask.
  7. I'm a bit let down by oSu's homecoming uniforms. Nothing can beat last year's. Helmet is a nice throwback, but it just doesn't fit with the current uni.
  8. I would love to see concepts of a hybrid of old/new--a skull-faced Bruce, with the hat and knife, could work well.
  9. Pokes going O/W/B with a new orange shell helmet (100000x better than the chrome). My only major gripes are that Pete isn't facing forward on both sides and it has the Ed Hardy stripe
  10. I disagree. Patriot Pete is gorgeous. I love the old school, non-italicized oSu brand though.
  11. Pokes going all white with a beautiful brand helmet with orange mask.
  12. And it completely clashes with the sharp, angular features on the rest of the uniform. They will make up some excuse of blending old and new. However, this is just out of place and lazy. An update to the 80s/90s logo would've fit with the theme so much better.
  13. No. It's "Empire Slate-- a nod to the city that never sleeps."
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