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  1. I thought it was a nod to them "owning the northwest territory"
  2. I sure hope not. Their uniforms are perfect.
  3. Not a bad look for the Pokes this evening. W/W/B--brand and stripe on the helmet.
  4. Pokes are going O/B/B with non-chromed (thank God) facemask with big Pete decals (unfortunately chromed).
  5. Cowboys are going B (matte w/ brand)/W/O for Bedlam--the color scheme from their last Bedlam win in 2014.
  6. oSu follows up arguably their best helmet with their absolute worst to face Baylor and their gorgeous Sailor Bear lids. B (Ed Hardy)/W/W
  7. I wish they would've had the logo face forward.
  8. Keep the paisley off of these beauties. The paisley has its place, but not here (and I would also argue the helmet shell). I initially thought it would be great to see these uniforms permanently, but I'd rather them bust them out once or twice a year for special occasions and big games where they need a little extra mojo. In any case, I'm all for bringing back the old school, non-italicized brand full time.
  9. These look so good. They don't need to change a thing. God help me if the rumors are true and they switch to orange pants.
  10. Give me Patriot Pete over the the star logo any day. This fauxback (or the black mask variant) with the throwback uniforms would be spectacular.
  11. These are gorgeous, and should be our full-time look. Bring back the original, non-italic, brand and full sleeve and pant stripes. I love these so much.
  12. Cowboys going O/W/B with the chrome Pete monstrosity helmet. I wish they would put the brand on this shell and replace the chrome facemask with black.
  13. Cowboys are going full Ed Hardy this afternoon.
  14. I agree! The helmet doesn't match the rest of the uniform. An orange outline on the chrome brand or stripe would've done wonders for this set. A uniform should be "uniform." I also have a "get off my lawn" response to anything that can be referred to as "icy."