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  1. I mean I guess but the eye is so dam creepy and just looks more annoyed than intimidating
  2. So when I politely ask a question I get harassed? I’m not trying to start anything
  3. Which logo do you prefer? The classic 1976 logo or the more modern and updated logo from the 2000s-present?
  4. Why do people seem to love this old logo? To me it just is extremely ugly - The lime green and light blue do not go well at all - it doesn’t flow at all the end of it is just a block - The giant green eye staring is disturbing and looks so out of place with the rest of the minimal design - it’s expression looks more like mildly annoyed than angry or anything intimidating the current logo is so much better as it flows much better, the colors look better and it looks angry and ready to fight instead of a stare of disappointment
  5. Where does it fit? ITS 90 PERCENT OF OUR DAM LOGO. Is there any other team that doesn’t feature the primary part of their logo at all? Even then moving onto your point for one it’s been with the team since day one during their golden days (no pun intended) and they talked about returning to tradition. Tradition is described as customs passé don from generation to generation. Now why the hell wouldn’t they base it off their original look? And what do you mean by over complicated in the new set? Outside of the helmet it was used for trim like the classic one black is hardly a jaguar color. It was featured the least amount on our old jerseys. The issue is TC and Khan don’t want to embrace the jags unique colors. No one else in the league has teal and no one else besides the saints uses gold (don’t call Pittsburgh, GB and DC gold they’re not). Now we look like the Panther with our teal and black. Just look at this update and tell me it isn’t a million times better
  6. Dude that’s my point. The current set is not traditional what is tradtional for the Jags is unique and wild looks and yes they were quite different and unique for the time. During the time custom number fonts were a new thing especially rounded ones. The double trim was also unique and one I can’t really think of anyone specific did before. Same for their alternate which was an extension of their current logo. The only other one I can think of was the Bengals. On top of that the jerseys themselves had four colors on them. Most jerseys have only one to three colors at best (including white). These may seem tame now but back then they were pretty major I just don’t see why people are defending this bland look. The Reebok ones were trashed because of that. Literally no one here has criticized old school uniforms. I even see people praise the Seahawks old crappy uniforms with their creepy logo why it’s because they’re old school and being old school and simple means they can do no wrong. I’m just sick of this mentality of old school=perfect new=awful Ps being classic for the sake of classic and simplicity isn’t good either and if you consider the 2015 ones as overcorrected then what does that make these new ones?
  7. Btw by that logic the Jagaurs Jags patch is great because it’s based on military patch and JAG navy lawyers
  8. And? One did it very well but subtle the other one has a giant creepy green eye and looks mildly annoyed. What is good about it’s giant creepy green eye? You’re so biased to old school looks you won’t even admit whenever one is bad
  9. I know the origin and I don’t care it still looks like :censored: by your logic every film ever made based on a book or comic is perfect no matter how bad because it’s based on something good. I guess those crappy James Franco William Faulkner films are masterpieces because well the book is a masterpiece seriously how can you look that thing in its lime green eye and tell me that isn’t the worst thing ever made? He literally just looks mildly annoys don’t than aggressive. What is the appeal? Just admit you’re blinded by the rise tinited glasses
  10. How are those crazy they’re literally designed to look super old school?
  11. 1. No they weren’t. They were hideous. Why do people love the silver helmet of the Seahawks, a team that barely uses silver, but hate the silver helmet of the patriots, a team that barely uses silver? See this nolstagia bias is ridiculous why do you think old=perfect and new=bad? 2. It just looks better with the green patch on the navy than on white. Seriously could you drop this ridiculous crusade against Nike? It isn’t hurting anyone nor is it taking away form the designs. Nike isn’t even the first to do this someone posted a picture of when Wilson and Adadis produced the jerseys and they were even more blantant. Hell colleges put the brands on the form of the uniforms, sometime in the center (looking at you Louisville). You must really hate soccer jerseys 3. The pieces do go together. The piping in the side matches the sleeve caps. Again why do you want every nfl jersey to be bland and homogenous? Clearly the nil should just remove color and have every team wear white and black clearly that would satisfy you because colors are just superfluous. This is the nfl and we need to be as serious as possible
  12. But see that’s the problem. Anything unique is ‘gimmicky’ and pointless. Why can’t the titans have giant swords on their sleeves? What’s the difference between ‘unique’ and ‘gimmick’? What makes the 49ers uniforms look good to you? I don’t get it they’re just so plain. Imo you just come off as wanting every uniform set to be as plain and generic as possible. Outside of the niners helmets there is nothing special and their pants are hideous. They literally look like the color of an old person’s car and of course the ugly gray facemask. They could really use some gold trim on the numbers because they’re just so hard to see. The shade of red is inconsistent between the logo, pants and jerseys. And of course they have a wordmark on the chest which I HATE wordmarks. They just don’t fit in the modern age AT ALL. Another one is the cowboys with their sea foam green pants and mismatched blue. Looking back on older players like Troy Aikmen or Joe Motana they look better on the worse quality cameras compared to now in HD. Just because it’s old doesn’t make it good Name me one uniform set that is crazy, wild and unique but good in your eyes
  13. Those are bland but not bad. You can’t tlel me they’re worse than this thing
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