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    RBI Baseball

    My bad. This was meant for the concepts section. Hopefully a mod can help me out with that.
  2. Not all northern cities would have to play outdoors though. Milwaukee, for example.
  3. NicDB

    RBI Baseball

    I'm working on a few hacks of RBI baseball for the NES. The original only included 8 teams, plus two all star teams. Expanding the field to include 30 clubs presents a few problems given the limited amount of colors on the 8-bit system. Especially when it comes to the clubs that wear red and blue. In many instances, I took inspiration from a teams past (It made far more sense to put the Marlins in white and teal, for example, then trying to add another orange and black team). In others, such as the Angels and Twins, I simply used the colorway from the 1987 original. The teams are organized horizontally by division and city: AL East: Baltimore, Boston, New York, Tampa Bay. Toronto AL Central: Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, Minnesota AL West: Houston, LA, Oakland, Seattle, Texas NL East: Atlanta, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Washington NL Central: Chicago, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, St. Louis NL West: Arizona, Colorado, LA, San Diego, San Francisco
  4. Franklin is about the only municipality in Milwaukee County that you don't automatically free associate with something or someone the way you do with West Allis and State Fair, South Milwaukee and The Crusher, Oak Creek and John Matuszak, etc. It may as well be known as one giant walking fart. That said, I'm still rooting for Barn Owls.
  5. I don't know what you're trying to prove, but I didn't overlook anything. I came across the WVTV clip a few weeks ago over something totally unrelated and remembered it when I saw this thread. But LOL @ that Minneapolis sportscaster claiming Milwaukee stole the Seattle Pilots.
  6. I'm not gonna care about the AAF or XFL 2.0 without a Milwaukee team. And even if either is interested, I'm not holding my breath that the Brewers allow a football team in Miller Park. Which is the only place such a team could realistically play.
  7. Those weren't terrible, but I thought they were rather generic and that they looked like too many other teams. The only interesting quirk about those is that the "CA" could be read as California Angels or the postal code for California.
  8. I've hated that stripey mess of a collar for a long time. The fact that Forrest Gregg added it is reason enough to get rid of it.
  9. Has the irony of Montreal's football team having roots in the Chesapeake, and the Chesapeake's NL entry having Montreal roots ever been pointed out?
  10. I'll believe it when I actually hear the team announce it. Gold jerseys are fine as fan gear. But the only way the team could actually pull them off is with green pants. But frankly, I'm fine with leaving that look for North Dakota State.
  11. I guess I've got one for the unpopular opinions thread.
  12. Would just like to point out that monochrome doesn't always have to lack the color balance it needs to avoid being garish.
  13. Bill Veeck tried to move the St. Louis Browns to Milwaukee before the Braves, which was blocked by other AL owners led by the Yankees. After the Braves left, the White Sox played a series of home matches in Milwaukee with an attempt to move, but that was blocked by the AL as well. There was at least one attempt to buy the Bucks in the mid 1980s and move them to Tampa. But that ended when Herb Kohl stepped in and bought the team.
  14. You can get a lot closer to these than the Packers uniforms currently are. Case in point...
  15. I can make some concessions for modern uniforms. Specifically, shoulder numbers and modern facemasks which look better in color. But apart from that? Why they didn't wipe out every change Forrest Gregg made the moment they had the chance, I'll never know.
  16. No freaking way! This is VERY similar to an idea I've been working on. EDIT: Oh, didn't realize this was an old thread that someone bumped to post their own concept on. I swear that's NOT what I was trying to do here... I just thought the coincidence was too big not to mention. ?
  17. Realistically, it depends on the locale. Otherwise, we wouldn't have a Brooklyn Dodgers team that would have chosen to move to the other coast rather than one borough over to Queens. In Atlanta's case, the ITP-OTP rivalry is real, and the Braves decision to move outside of the perimeter made a statement whether they wanted to or not. Knowing what I do about Georgia, having lived there for a bit, it's very likely the people attending Braves games in their new stadium aren't Falcons or Hawks fans. It's more likely that they follow the Bulldogs, if anything.
  18. Wasn't CHILL a fashion line for the NFL in the 90s?
  19. The official color of the New Jersey flag is "Jersey Blue." So I often go with Newark Blues or New Jersey Blues. I hear you though. I think the problem with Newark is that all the culturally significant things about it either fly under the radar or are just assumed to be from New York. A lot of people have no idea that much of the PBS programming they've watched was produced at the WNET studios in Newark. Or that the tube from the RCA television they may have watched those shows on came from a factory right outside of Newark.
  20. Every tweak the Packers have made since their Super Bowl I look has been a downgrade.
  21. Yea, I definitely thought "insect" when I saw that logo. I think making it less static might make it look more like a bird.
  22. I know why they couldn't wear these in 1970, but I really wish they would have worn these in 1971. The Tuscan lettering suits the Brewers well.
  23. That was my knee jerk reaction at first. But the more I thought about it, the navy ties them in with the entire history of Milwaukee baseball; from the original Brewers, to the AA Brewers, to the Braves. The Brewers are now the NL Central's only predominantly navy team. And navy would also go better with cream, which I want the Brewers to add to their color palette. Don't get me wrong... I'd still be more than happy if we got wholesale button down versions of 1982 as a rebrand. But I'm just not as against the navy recolor like I was at first.
  24. Odd, I remember these being powder blue. Not gray. Unless it's just the lighting on the photo. Either way, this was my basis for saying the Royals could pull it off. Think the George Brett-era powder blue roads. But with the white scripts outlined in royal blue.
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