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  1. I do like some of Brandiose's work fwiw, but agreed. There are so many talented designers working for pennies on the dollar compared to more established design firms. I watched a long Brandiose video about their process - for the alternate temporary gimmicky brands Brandiose are involved in the naming process. They research all the niche local themes, and come up with multiple options for multiple names. So they aren't just designing one logo. However, they almost exclusively work on MILB branding, so they would have to be earning 2 full time incomes for it to be worth their time.
  2. The new Copa logos were released the other day; seems like most of them were not done by Brandiose. Brandiose have mentioned they charge a good enough price that they can spend a lot of time researching and experimenting - makes me wonder if MILB are moving to cheaper alternatives?
  3. Not "thrift" pickups (I've lived in Canada and Australia over the past 2 years - not great for thrift shopping), but I had to post this. I've purchased some of my top 10 favorite pieces of sports merch recently - Despite not being a baseball fan, I love the lime green Rays jersey. I'm assuming it's just a fashion jersey? I've never seen it referred to as a batting practice jersey and never seen any players wearing it. I've still got my eyes open for the other version - which has purple pinstripes instead of blue. I've been actively looking at all Chalk Line jackets for the past few years and have never seen either of the Patriots or Buccaneers varsity jackets elsewhere - I did accidentally ruin the Patriots jacket by ignoring the dry clean only directions arghhh. Shaq was my favorite player growing up, so I was looking for a cheap MPLS jersey on eBay. I wasn't aware that Reebok did "D'funkd" - a fauxback range that used satin and velour materials for the jerseys. I have a soft spot for the "cringey baggy sportswear in early 2000s music video", so I had to scoop this up. The Manitoba Moose jersey was a nod to D3. I loved the scene where all the kids wear different jerseys - one of the players wears a Minnesota Moose jersey. Love the logo, and lived in Canada so that's my justification for my retail therapy habit. The Hornets satin chalk line probably has the most sentimental value because I found the organic way - at a thrift shop when I lived in downtown Toronto. I like how the color actually has a teal tinted hue (not just plain cyan), and how the outline of the Hornet is purple (and not black). Not historically accurate, but I like those details.
  4. I worked with MLSE (in Scotiabank Arena) and I can confirm this. Our work pants options were Adidas and Under Armor. Although there was no limit to what brand shoes we wore. Sidenote - I'm in agony that my VISA expired in January and I didn't get to witness history in person
  5. I like the Vice identity but I wish they used more of a greenish teal instead of cyan. If they added a splash Orange to this it could tie in their Floridian days and also give it a Cirtus/Party vibe - albeit it would essentially be the Spurs fiesta colorway. As for their Red & Black scheme; I would like more Orange implemented. A bright Orange placed next to the Red would look more flame/blast-like. If they also added Yellow and minimized the Black I think it would suit their branding more, but perhaps 4 colors plus white is a bit much.
  6. What a downgrade. I liked the 2 different textures from last year. The metallic logos were a bit tacky, but I still purchased the Gold Raptors, Timberwolves and Grizzlies in light blue. These are like the city jerseys in the form of a hat.
  7. I prefer the full body rat holding the pizza slice than the main logo. Sadly it looks like they didn't produce any merch with this logo. The front face rat looks ambiguous, could easily be a kangaroo.
  8. No worries, I'v always been a fan of the Hornets OG logo & identity so it was neat to see this unexpectedly. Seems there was a period where Charlotte didn't have green or light blue pinstripes. I could be wrong though, the resolution is too low for my eye to tell. This uniform seems to align with the CH logo posted in this thread.
  9. Not sure if this has already been discussed at exhaustion on this board, but I just saw this Hornets jersey on a documentary about their arrival in the NBA. I know it's not a logo but it definitely was lost at some stage before the team started competing.
  10. Odd color combination. If they wanted to go with Volt, they could have gone back to their Green and Blue Pistol Pete era colors. It would be unique and the blue and volt compliment each other.
  11. I know these are from last year, but can anybody shed light on the below Bobcats Light Blue shorts I found on ebay? I don't recall seeing anybody ever wear these (listed as team issued authentic); http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Adidas-NBA-Authentic-Charlotte-Bobocats-team-issued-shorts-4XL-2-Length-/161554194982?pt=US_Basketball_Fan_Shop&hash=item259d616226
  12. It's no secret that it's my personal favorite sets of all time from the islanders, but I can't imagine there is a market for anything fisherman related except for people that are either contrarians or nostalgic for 1996. Personally, I thought it was a good look that was given an unfair chance. I think Mitchell & Ness can find a home for Fisherman Islanders gear if they emphasize the teal. Sure, the logos aren't as iconic as Hornets gear or the Mighty Ducks gear that recently sold like hotcakes; but the Detroit Pistons Horse logo has a similar reputation as the Fisherman logo, yet the Pistons horse logo gear seems to be fairly popular. I also would have thought they could sell these to people from New York. I can't decide if the fact that the Islanders only wore these logos for a short period would enhance sales or detract. That said (as you pointed out), I would be purchasing Fisherman gear for mainly nostalgic purposes.
  13. I couldn't find anything using keyword search, so forgive me if this has already been pointed out; After years of trying to make us forget the FIsherman era; the Islanders are now producing merch with the Fisherman logo. Mitchell & Ness have aquired the rights to produce Fisherman logos merch too. This is one of those brandings I've been hoping would be brought back. M&N started producing Mighty Ducks merch which have been quite popular, so we could see the same thing happen with the Fisherman logo. I'm expecting M&N to product a lot of teal-heavy merch. I'm personally hoping they produce a paintsplash snapback & some quality teal shirts and crewnecks. http://instagram.com/p/uLfJCQkw29/?modal=true http://instagram.com/p/uij16WlV43/?modal=true
  14. Hi All Apologies in advance if there is a designated thread for these sort of enquiries, but I couldn't see anything suitable in the most recent 5 pages of threads. I'm not a NFL enthusiast (I'm in Australia, we get no coverage), but I am interested in purchasing a Brandon Marshall Dolphins jersey. Purely so because Marshall is my last name, and I really liked the Dolphins branding during the period he was with the Dolphins. I originally bought an Orange jersey and later found out it was fake. About a year later bought the Teal and the Orange jerseys without researching, because it was from fullmoonjerseys via ebay. I've bought from them heaps and I trust that all their stuff is authentic.However, I am still looking for the white version. Can anyone confirm if the below listings are on field authentic or fake? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Reebok-Jersey-Miami-Dolphins-19-Brandon-Marshall-Jersey-/221284866607?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item33859b1a2f http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/BRANDON-MARSHALL-MIAMI-DOLPHINS-NFL-Reebok-AUTHENTIC-Jersey-Vtg-Throwback-SZ-48-/321496428209?pt=US_Football_Fan_Shop&hash=item4adaae2eb1 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/MIAMI-DOLPHINS-BRANDON-MARSHALL-ON-FIELD-JERSEY-SIZE-52-ALL-SEWN-NWT-/371015926765?pt=US_Autographs&hash=item566245c3ed Thank you in advance, much appreciated.
  15. Cleveland will probably redesign in 2016-17. They need to cash-in on their current uniforms (as bland as they are, heaps of people will blindly purchase LeBron jerseys before the season starts). Then once the team goes deep into the playoffs (I think they'll be in the ECF at the least in this upcoming season), they'll sell even more merch on account of being a winning franchise. Plus, LeBron will almost definitely help make Thompson / Irving / Bennett / Waiters / Wiggins stars so Cleveland will have no issues with merch sales. Once 2016-17 hits, Cleveland can redesign and cash-in all over again. With such an aray of different looks through Cleveland's history, Cleveland Merch is an absolute gold mine.