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  1. I haven't watched CFL in a bit (like 8 weeks) but I noticed the last game I watched didn't seem to? I will pay more attention this weekend.
  2. Whether you like NFL or not, it's incredibly accessible. that (1st and 10> under the QB is all you need to know to pick up whats going on in any game in about a half a second. That's doesnt seem to be in the CFL, so I spend more time trying to figure how what's going on when I turn into an already going CFL game because you have to listen for the announcer or watch the scoreboard for a second. I feel like there is some simple things the CFL could do to improve. Ad the little tag under the QB, just do it. Also, with an outdoor game, could they just light stadiums better?
  3. https://ibb.co/BjfSnc2 It was? cuz it didn't look brown to me?
  4. If the Browns are gonna do a Redo, can they put some brown in their end zone??? The just 2 orange stripes look's lazy or like they ran out of time. I was watching the game last night and it was driving me crazy.
  5. I really like the Al's look this season, It looks so nice and clean. I dislike the helmet and while watching the game today, it just feels like someone scribbled on it. I wish they would use the bird head from the 70's instead.
  6. I can't stand the white stripe on the pants. I find it so distracting
  7. I find a lot of NBA games hard to watch because the Uniforms are ugly or I feel like Im not even watching those teams. I watched the Bulls/Raptors one day and they were wearing the opposite colour schemes. I found it confusing. The yellow Bucks jersey with the red... vs. the blue and red Pistons at the moment feels like a primary colour nightmare.
  8. I would wear these in a heartbeat. Im not even a Padres fan
  9. Apparently the Vancouver Canuck's arena got a new DJ this year. She played Chicago Blackhawk's goal song "Chelsea Dagger" at a Canucks game. She got trolled forever on Twitter apparently. The rivalry isn't as heated as it once was, but the hatred is still very much there.
  10. I went through this whole thread the other day, These are all fantastic!!! My favorite is the Ravens, Well done!
  11. What is the policy with being able to start threads? Do I have to hit a certain post count?