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  1. My message was not in response to this. I was typing it up before I saw this was tweeted. I'm just posting when I have things and the timing just coincides.
  2. Colorado is using the Portland collar/buttons. Much much more WHITE than it is green/mint on the light color section. Sleeve trim has no extra white color. Just one-color in the darker green. MLS logo is mostly white/mint, so inverse of what's here. the white/mint has a pattern inside it like Minnesota's does. the shape is similar to RSL's current home: or something like this mockup: Again, no color, just the baked in pattern/texture. It looks very topographical.
  3. Get hyped. eMLS kit soon to be announced.
  4. Sporting Kansas City 2021 Jersey design - warning.. more solid blue..
  5. Orlando will use the same collar/buttons style as Portland. White shoulder stripes. White sleeve piping. Color/design alignment:
  6. I had also forgotten NYC had not announced yet.
  7. Oh I forgot the Revs are posting theirs today. Also leaked.
  8. With Vancouver, Dallas and Columbus announcements today, who is remaining? Colorado Toronto (leaked) San Jose (soon) LAFC (leaked) Seattle Kansas City Houston Orlando
  9. The kits have a multi-year development cycle. Design was likely final in late 2019 or so
  10. Crew Kit making Twitter rounds now.
  11. Vancouver has the Bell "hoop" but it only crosses the front, adding them to the "nothing on the back" crowd.
  12. I can confirm the Revs leak is nearly exactly the same. Inside neck isn't light blue and the UHC logo has changed. Also the cross pattern moved down a bit.
  13. Miami's "La Palma" Kit incorporates a sky blue!
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