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  1. Hey, y'all. I'm here to say... Go Thrashers! Beat the Blues!
  2. BTW, I need a name for the following Springfield Manchester Hartford and Vermont
  3. Now that would be nice for the man who has been called "The best catcher of the 21st century".
  4. I have created a forum for all Red Sox fans here in the community. Let's go Red Sox!
  5. Personally, I hate the powder blue uniforms. They say "I'm a baby's blanket" all over.
  6. Anyways, how about that stupid "one helmet" rule that prevents the Titans from wearing full Oilers unis.
  7. I know. Its weird though, seeing silver on a team mainly black and teal.
  8. I honestly don't like that the Jags are trying to incorporate silver into their color scheme.
  9. I love how Rhode Island is used in it, as it's my home state.