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  1. @Conrad.does this mean the Knicks are getting a throwback this season???
  2. So Conrad, does this mean Earned on court Uniforms are completely gone?
  3. Guys, it's the exact same uniform they used last year.... It's just they are switching it from the statement to the icon.
  4. This is horribly misleading. He was talking about the logo that is on the renderings of the new arena.....not the uniforms.
  5. @Conrad. Do you think most teams making Statement jersey changes will release those in August?
  6. Yeah....sorry @Conrad. !!!
  7. Great news about the Magic. I'm from Boston so the Celtics are my #1, but the Magic are my second favorite b/c my wife and I are big Disney World people haha. Without diverging details, do YOU like their new Statement/City uniforms?
  8. @Conrad. Can you share a bit more? I've been dying to know! 1) Do you know anything about the Magic's blue jersey? Is it new/same as last year(just now the statement) 2) Please tell me the TWolves are doing some cool for their city jersey. Tough to beat last year though. 3) Blazers getting new statements or keeping old ones? 4) Knicks finally putting Knicks on a uniform? 5) Suns getting something new or keeping "Los Suns?" Thanks for whatever you can share!
  9. Yeah this makes sense, but my only problem is I'm a weird stickler for details and created uniforms don't have warmups in the game. So all of the players on the bench are without warmups and it drives me crazy.
  10. Is there any specific reason why NBA 2K can't use the old city uniforms from previous years as throwbacks in the game? I don't understand why there would be licensing issues when they can use old uniforms from as far back as the 60s. Is there any hope that maybe they will be in NBA 2K20? I would love to be able to use all 4 of the Heat's vice jerseys. @Conrad. maybe you can shed some light on this?
  11. Peruse the Chicago Bulls twitter feed. The last couple of days they are polling fans on favorite throwback jerseys. Could this mean they are getting throwbacks this year, or perhaps already planning ahead for 2020-21? @Conrad.
  12. I wonder if they'll actually wear the "Vancouver" or switch it to "Memphis."
  13. So could I. That would look good actually. Does anyone know if the Blazers are getting new Statements? I've been trying to dissect all of the info @Conrad. has given us haha. I love their current statements(maybe my favorite in the league) and I REALLY hope they aren't ditching them already.
  14. So that's precisely why I had them on the list acually. My line of thinking was that since they love the red statement's so much, they would make those the icon's, scratch the blue, and get a total new statement. White - Association Red - Icon NEW - Statement Mardi Gras shirt - City
  15. Nice nice. @Conrad.OK now I wanna guess the classic's and last one I promise lol... Blazers Sixers Mavs Clippers Grizz Bucks