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  1. Ah well this could be a fun game.... Milwaukee: Green Toronto: Purple Boston: Gold Philly: Grey Miami: Orange Indy: Royal blue Brk: Silver Orlando: Black LAL: Purple LAC: Red Houston: Yellow Denver: Gold Utah: Green OKC: Yellow Dallas: Silver Portland: Red
  2. @Conrad. So if the earned’s aren’t just recolorizations of the city’s, do they have a theme or does each team have their own unique design?
  3. I still feel like you're missing the point. I was simply pointing out that it's a fallacy to cite a shared arena as a reason a franchise cannot brand a certain way. For what it's worth, in 1984 the Clippers branded themselves as "the peoples' team" and charged their ticket prices at about half of what the Lakers did.
  4. I really didn't want to get into this whole Clippers uniform argument, but I do have to point out that being in the same building currently doesn't necessarily mean that they cannot represent different areas of the city. For a little history on the subject which you may or may not already know, the Clippers moved from SD to LA in 1984 and played their games at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in Expansion Park. Expansion Park just so happens to be 10 miles from Compton and less than 2 miles from South Central LA. One could argue that this proximity to these areas drew a different fan base to the Clippers than the Lakers, who already had an established fan base and were known to be very "Hollywood" with the Showtime era. The Jets and Giants share a stadium and the Jets have always been known to represent Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, whereas the Giants are usually associated with Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island. This clearly stems from the fact that the Jets played in Shea stadium for 20 years and the Giants did the same at Yankee Stadium. But it's that history that plays a large part into why their fan bases are what they are today, even though they currently share a stadium. In Italian Soccer, AC Milan and Inter Milan share a stadium and they have a VERY different fan base. The same could be said for Roma and Lazio. I get your point, and I would have to agree with you that the Clippers don't necessarily scream "Compton" at all, or even more so than the Lakers. I just don't think citing the shared arena is a good reason why.
  5. So according to 2K20, only 2 teams don't have their statements in the game: NYK & IND, both of which we've seen leaked. So, I think it's just city uniforms left to surprise us. I imagine those will start being leaked soon, @Conrad.?
  6. Sorry if I'm behind on this, but I don't think I've seen it mentioned anywhere...............but the new Blazers' statement jerseys are on NBA 2K. I don't remember seeing them released. They are basically the same as last year except the "Portland" wordmark is white and there is a single white stripe at the top of the black diagonal jersey stripe. It's solid.
  7. These teams need to release some statement uniforms. For a league that prides itself on its offseason, it's been pretty quiet for a month or so. This would be the perfect time. There are 14 teams with new statements....what if they released a new one every 3 days until the season started or something.
  8. So I downloaded the game and played around for like 30 minutes at midnight and my version has Chicago missing their statement and has Utah with their statement. @Conrad. is this a mistake?? Also, any idea as to when these teams are releasing their new statement?
  9. I hope so. Also, will teams wearing created uniforms also have warmups on in game? That bugs me to no end!
  10. Where did you see this screenshot/video?
  11. So they are using their statement jerseys from last year as their new icon jerseys and they are getting brand new statement jerseys. Confusing, I know lol.
  12. Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but based on those court leaks from last Friday, are the Jazz returning their City Uniform for a 3rd straight year?! @Conrad.blink twice if true lol.
  13. Whoops!!! I was too lazy to go back and look. Sorry!
  14. @Conrad. I thought you said it wasn't a purple jersey?! Were you just trying to get us off the scent or is there something else they are releasing today?!
  15. @Conrad.does this mean the Knicks are getting a throwback this season???
  16. So Conrad, does this mean Earned on court Uniforms are completely gone?
  17. Guys, it's the exact same uniform they used last year.... It's just they are switching it from the statement to the icon.
  18. This is horribly misleading. He was talking about the logo that is on the renderings of the new arena.....not the uniforms. https://www.latimes.com/sports/story/2019-07-26/clippers-steve-ballmer-kawhi-leonard-arena-broadcasting
  19. @Conrad. Do you think most teams making Statement jersey changes will release those in August?
  20. Great news about the Magic. I'm from Boston so the Celtics are my #1, but the Magic are my second favorite b/c my wife and I are big Disney World people haha. Without diverging details, do YOU like their new Statement/City uniforms?
  21. @Conrad. Can you share a bit more? I've been dying to know! 1) Do you know anything about the Magic's blue jersey? Is it new/same as last year(just now the statement) 2) Please tell me the TWolves are doing some cool for their city jersey. Tough to beat last year though. 3) Blazers getting new statements or keeping old ones? 4) Knicks finally putting Knicks on a uniform? 5) Suns getting something new or keeping "Los Suns?" Thanks for whatever you can share!
  22. Yeah this makes sense, but my only problem is I'm a weird stickler for details and created uniforms don't have warmups in the game. So all of the players on the bench are without warmups and it drives me crazy.
  23. Is there any specific reason why NBA 2K can't use the old city uniforms from previous years as throwbacks in the game? I don't understand why there would be licensing issues when they can use old uniforms from as far back as the 60s. Is there any hope that maybe they will be in NBA 2K20? I would love to be able to use all 4 of the Heat's vice jerseys. @Conrad. maybe you can shed some light on this?
  24. Peruse the Chicago Bulls twitter feed. The last couple of days they are polling fans on favorite throwback jerseys. Could this mean they are getting throwbacks this year, or perhaps already planning ahead for 2020-21? @Conrad.
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