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  1. With the news of Amazon-sponsored arena in Seattle, I think that a SuperSonics return is slightly more likely. I decided to make my version of Seattle Supersonics NBA expansion concept. My favorite logo from the Sonics is the one they used from 1975-1995, so my concepts was mainly inspired by that logo and era with my "updated" modernized take.
  2. Presenting now, the Los Angeles Lakers! I cleaned up and updated their logo and based it from their jersey wordmarks. My concept jersey for the Lakers is inspired by multiple eras. The neck and piping is from the Showtime era, the side panels and wordmark from Kobe's time, while the number colors and drop shadow are mixed from the Jerry West era and present uniforms. I used the Old Los Angeles wordmark for their white alt jerseys, similar from NBA Project 32. In their 4th jersey, I used the 60's blue uniforms with the current "Lakers" wordmark. Up next is the Sacramento Kings!
  3. Presenting now, the Phoenix Suns! The first change I did is the primary logo. I think their current logo has too much black and very vertical. The base I use for their new primary logo is their "PHX" alt logo. I added the Desert Sand from the Arizona Coyotes to their color scheme. The jerseys are inspired by their current set. Using a new font with no beveling, and and arched word mark. Their fourth jersey is a modern update of the 90's era. Up next is the Los Angeles Lakers!
  4. Presenting now, the Boston Celtics! I feel that the Celtics' home and away jerseys are too iconic to change, so I just recreated the ones they're currently using. I used gold for their alternate jerseys, I didn't like both their black and gray jersey that much. I had fun on their Red Sox inspired jersey. It came into me when I saw an article that the Red Sox held a Celtics Night at Fenway, so I thought what if the Celtics ever held their own Red Sox night. Up next we're going west for the Phoenix Suns!
  5. Presenting now, the Philadelphia 76ers! I already like the Sixers' current identity. So my concept for them is just minor tweaks from their current set. First is to use a "Sixers" wordmark for their home uniforms. Second, I tweaked the wordmarks and changed the drop shadow direction. I also switched the colors for their away and alt jerseys because historically they wore red away jersey during their most successful era. For their 4th jersey, I used the Iverson-era uniforms template with their current colors. Up next is the Boston Celtics!
  6. Presenting now, the Brooklyn Nets! The first major change I did is to change their color scheme from black and white to navy and white. I feel that the current font their using is too boring so I changed it to a font that I feel has more character. I based their main jerseys from the Nets' 2016 alternates. Their alternate jersey is a tribute the old Brooklyn Dodgers, using Dodger Blue with the side panels from the Kidd-era uniforms. Their 4th jersey is using the template of the 1997-2009 away jersey with the old Nets wordmark. Up next is the Philadelphia 76ers!
  7. Presenting now, the New York Knicks! The first change I made for the Knicks is their shade of blue, make it uniform in their logos, court and jerseys. Their current jersey's blue look like this, while their logo's blue is like this. I prefer the Knicks 2001-12 jerseys compared to their current one, so I returned the side panels while retaining their current round neck. I love the Knicks orange alts, (which they never wore again because their winless with those), so I made their alt jersey orange. I also feel the Knicks should have a jersey with a "Knicks" wordmark. My inspiration for their fourth jersey is their 1980-83 set with the colors from their 70th anniversary logo. Thanks everyone.. Up next is the Brooklyn Nets!
  8. Around 5 years ago, I discovered this site because of this thread. NBA Project 32. Years later, I feel that I finally have enough skills to present my own concepts. Thank you SFGiants58, this thread is inspired by yours. Completed teams: Toronto Raptors New York Knicks Brooklyn Nets Philadelphia 76ers Boston Celtics ________________________________________________________________ Here it is, presenting first, the reigning champions Toronto Raptors! My concept for the Raptors is to get inspiration from their Bosh era identity with their current look. I don't like the Raptors current block font so I replaced it with a sharp font. I changed their color scheme from Red/Black to Red/Purple. A darker shade of purple compared to their previous one, the often called Barney look. Red and purple is a unique color scheme in sports. Their 4th jersey is inspired by their original set, with Drake colors. Up next, is the New York Knicks!
  9. I'm seeing the Nike logo is unusually larger on this uniform. Or is it just me?
  10. I like the color scheme. Not another R/W/B team. Orange is very much underused in the NBA.
  11. The number font is so out of place with the word mark. They should've put atleast a stroke in the numbers.
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