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  1. While I don’t care for this years crop of Spring Training caps... or for that matter, many of the special uniform games of the past... I still think they should keep doing it. There should be room for experimentation and wacky concepts from time to time. A lot of them won’t be good but they’re not permanent either.
  2. none of them have been officially released yet. it’s all been leaks so far. i imagine the official role out will be soon though.
  3. .....barf. It looks like all ST/BP caps will be a ‘logo inside a logo’. It looked promising at first when I saw the Jays cap but it seems to have taken a turn for the worst.
  4. The Canucks logo should be an overpriced condo building that no one can afford.
  5. I think it’s perfectly fine if they don’t have an alternate logo.
  6. I spotted this logo at Maple Leaf Square last night. It was prominently draped over all the barriers. Is this some new alternate logo? Or something they use at events? I've never seen it before.
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