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  1. LMAO. I didn't realize you were Foster.
  2. They've grown on me. But overall, still just ok. I don't think they're gonna last more than 2-3 seasons before we see at least modifications to them.
  3. I think it’s one of the earlier copies. And from Someone at Nike. I’d be shocked if these are the real ones.
  4. I don’t know how much I believe this “leak”
  5. That's a fanpost on Falcoholic. Not anyone with actual inside info.
  6. Sure. that would have been great. But no one thought about it. And Quinn never called offensive plays. The bigger issue I had was they kept snapping the ball with 15 seconds left instead of leaning on the clock like Belichick would have done. I get being aggressive, but kicking a FG on 4th after downing it 3 times would have been my move.
  7. They also hated how in natural grass fields, the seat of hte pants always made them look like they wet themselves.
  8. Hopefully at that point, Matt Ryan just takes it over and is like, "NO. We're running it." and starts going triple option like his high school days. That being said, I don't blame Quinn for that game. I blame Shanahan.
  9. Can't tell if this is a fan idea or if it's what they actually showed on a site or not.
  10. A couple things. Love the Falcons concept, but would love to see them with silver pants. ALSO, the Red tails re-design is amazing. Simple but perfect.
  11. Something like this is what I think they end up with in terms of color combos as the main.
  12. I keep seeing things on Reddit that the Falcons will have red helmets...
  13. Yeah, let me see the red helmet options. Especially with the black primary jerseys.
  14. Except the FAlcons had historically always had red lids until the early 90s.
  15. These were the best throwbacks the Falcons did.
  16. If we're being honest here, I miss the original throwbacks. I think Blank does too. And I think we're getting a red helmet.
  17. The sad thing is, those 2017 color rush jerseys are the best unis they've had since the re-design in 2003.
  18. 43 and 44 are why the SB logo stopped changing at a certain point.
  19. I disagree about the red helmet. The Falcons had a red helmet early on in their inception until like 1991. Red helmet is where it's at. That's the color rush jerseys that they've worn all of once against the Saints in 2017.
  20. Excited to see what you come up with for the Falcons.
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