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  1. I really love the new Pittsburgh logo! Yeah, some people would be enraged by the idea of changing it, but it's a great, simple update. I feel like the striping on the main two jerseys only needs one color to remain consistent with the one color in the helmet and pants striping. This is one of the issues I have with the current set - including the weird font choice - the striping seems like extra flare.
  2. I really love the main set and yellow jerseys here. Fantastic.
  3. I am digging the darker gray for Washington - I think it needs to be included on the Monument and Capitol too for consistency. Having "San Antonio" looks great! And OKC jersey looks so much better!
  4. I LOVE the incorporation of a component of the flag - I think their orange-and-navy and navy-and-orange jerseys have been the best they've had. I think the ball logo on the shorts would be smaller, but otherwise, this is very strong. For the musical-themed jersey, I think a straight black wordmark and numbers would be better - you could use the primary navy too.
  5. I would think Michael would have been aware of it being the Queen City. Do you know if there's a legal reason or otherwise as to why "Buzz City" was chosen?
  6. Way too much happening on the sarape jersey. I would go with a much cleaner font, and not include the spur in the U, or replace that with "San Antonio." I'd narrow the sarape bands. The Alamo outline is growing on me, though I wonder if it or the wordmark are the proper size.
  7. I would get rid of the arch in the wordmarks. Intriguing homage to Dirk. And if there's a logo change, I think there probably would be a mesh of the logo you used and the current one.
  8. For the championships reference, I don't think you need the rings at all on the U. The shorts are perfect for that. You could do something like the Royals did and use gold as a trim instead of the black. I really like the gray jersey! I would say that including the Bean throws off the sharp-angle tendencies of the jersey. If you want to keep it, I'd vote using the cursive from the old away jerseys, and replacing the shorts with Chicago skyline silhouettes.
  9. I really like incorporating the DC flag into the jersey - I dislike the striping pattern of the current set. (I also think the primary logo needs to be used more.) For the cherry blossom jersey - I get trying to continue with the concept of the main set, but I think it looks like a curtain. What you could do is keep the pink, remove the whole cherry blossom setup, and move a cherry blossom to the collar or on the top above the name on the back (and on the belt of the shorts). I think the gray needs to be darker to provide contrast to both a light pink and white.
  10. I've been digging most of these so far, but the Minnesota is off a bit. I'm good with the current setup for the home and way - different, but that's what the NBA needs. I do really like the idea of the Land jersey, though. I'd say that one should stay, for sure.
  11. I am leaning toward the stripes on the shoulders being scrapped altogether. The current design, while a definite improvement, currently says, "hey, you know we're named after a tiger, right? So we put it everywhere." I would favor something more subtle - an alternate logo on the shoulder cap. It could be the bengal head, or new logo: a black Ohio outline, filled in with orange, and with a few tiger stripes like those on the helmet.
  12. Not a Ravens fan personally, but I do live in Baltimore - I love this update! Especially removing the white - I only have a slight concern of how clear names will be in that gold, though I imagine it would be larger in real life. The current uniforms are annoying - I'm glad you got rid of the drop shadow. I don't actually know why they went with two tapered stripes - which don't match the purple on the home jersey - in the first place. Is it supposed to be a edge of a wing? Representing the speed of a raven swooping? I think it would be great if you created an alternate logo of the Ravens' shield in this color scheme - the design of the shield being more modern, but keeping with the color change of the Maryland flag. Alternatively, it could have just diamond part (Baltimore's city flag), and then maybe be the logo on the helmets when wearing the all-black.
  13. I still would go with 12 from the previous one as the primary, with 3 as an alternate. And going back to the jerseys, I think they could be more modernized like you did with Tampa and others. (I definitely would take your version of TB over their return to the 1997 look (although I did have a red replica of that when I was a kid)).
  14. I actually really like 12! The jet's wings double as two of the laces. It would've been a proper logo update last year. I still don't like the font, though - I think it runs counter to the idea of sleekness in a jet. I'd like to lean on my suggestion again with italicized, flat letters in an "NYJ" or "JETS." (Kind of like K-State.)
  15. I am not a fan of this Jets remake. I agree that this year's update was bleh (especially with the green helmet not matching the green jersey), but going back to the previous version more-or-less is not a great move, I feel. I have an idea I had sketched some time ago: an NYJ logo. Every letter is slanted, indicating movement, but it's more stylized than the current Jets mark . So the Y is higher than the N, and the J is higher than the Y - like a plane taking off. And the J's lower line is flat instead of curved, and goes under the N and Y. Every New York City or City-adjacent team has an NY logo somewhere, so it makes sense if the Jets made it a primary. As for the Pats, weird about the stripe blend. I wonder if that would be inevitable when viewing them from afar? But maybe not.