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  1. I loved it, I saw several examples of the two line pass, tag up offsides in the Blue Jackets-Caps game but saw no instances of the goalie being restricted by the "trap". The two line pass rule is great, several scoring chances and the blue jackets first goal came off of a two line pass that two years ago would have been wistled dead.
  2. ALDS Angels over Yankees in 5 White Sox over Red Sox in 4 NLDS Astros over Braves in 4 Cardinals over Padres in 3 ALCS Angels over White Sox in 7 NLCS Cardinals over Astros in 6 World Series Cardinals over Angels in 6 wouldn't that be something to see an all red world series. Kind of like Detroit vs. Carolina in the Stanley Cup finals a couple years ago.
  3. better not be a bandwagoneer because they're coming at me left and right. Every where I go I see Bengal fans. Its like where were you three years ago. Silver pants with the white jersey would not look like the raiders because the panthers have light blue on the pants and shoulders. There is enough blue there to distinguish themselves from Oakland.
  4. Division II club sport, so its understandable. they also play all their games at midnight, it is actually a pretty big deal. I know someone who played hockey there.
  5. mac

    Bengals Helmet concept

    bump, because I want to.
  6. mac


    Another pants thing. Willie Anderson and Tab Perry both wore the old bengals pants last week. I know because I rewound 3 or 4 times. I have tivo. Couldn't find a picture though.
  7. I don't know about that but I do know that Willie Anderson and Tab Perry both wore the old bengals pants on sunday. I couldn't find a picture though, if I could I would send that over to Paul Lukas at uni watch.
  8. Tonight on OLN October 4, 2005 Full Lineup 7:00pm SURVIVOR 9:00pm SURVIVOR 10:00pm SURVIVOR 11:00pm SURVIVOR
  9. they wear their white white more. Which is a shame because I think its the weakest of their 3 combinations.
  10. this to me looks like a practice uniform
  11. mac

    NFL Week 4

    Ugly win, but I'll take it. Maybe this will open their eyes to the fact that they aren't going to be able to walk over every opponent. I don't like to see both our centers going down either. Oh ya, WHO-DEY!
  12. I would like them for another team with a different helmet. but finally someone understands the concept of the stripes on the pants actually matching the stripes on the side of the jersey.
  13. Why sing all that when it can all be summed up into two words WHO DEY exactly, and before you saints fans come in and say that we stole it from you, you better look at this. The Bengals were going up against the Steelers in the middle of October. Both had records of 4-2. The Steelers lost their first two games and then went on to win 4 in a row. It was the lowly Bengals playing the Super Bowl Champs of 1979 who was 9-7 in 1980. It was a big deal beating the Steelers because the Bengals already were defeated by co division leaders Houston and Cleveland who were 11-5 the year before. At that time Pittsburgh was the big game of the year. That and Buffalo who was 11-5 also in 1980. The Buffalo Bills game didn't mean as much because the Bengals only beat teams that had worse records than them in 1981 before that game. The first two games were against the Jets and Seahawks who had records of 4-12 in 1980. And Baltimore who won 1 more games than the Bengals in 1980. The Pittsburgh game meant more than all other games at the time. The Bengals Superbowl at the time. They won their Superbowl beating the Steelers 34-7. But the Bengals had a let down game following that game going against the Saints or (Ain'ts at that time). Losing 17-7. The future didn't look bright. Because next on the schedule every team had a winning record the year before. And the next 3 team were 11-5 after the 1980 season. First Houston who already beat us, then the Chargers and Rams. All three were in the playoffs the prior two years,The Rams and Oilers prior 3 years. San Diego was picked to win the Superbowl in 1981. Plus we had Cleveland again, who were 11-5 and Atlanta who finish 1980 at 12-4. Five of the teams had a total of 24 loses in 1980 Cincinnati went on a great run. After starting out 5-3. They beat Houston by 13, San Diego by 23 and Los Angeles by 14. The chant started after the San Diego game. Second game of November. The Bengals had 5 games in November and won all 5. Beating every team by more than 2 TD's. The Bengals only lost one more game all the way up to the Superbowl. That game was against the 49'ers who they also played and lost to in the Superbowl. The chant started, Who They think is going to beat them Bengals. ( Cincinnati was on a roll.they were 7-3 a season after they finished 6-10 and prior two seasons 4-12) When some hollered, "Who They think is going to beat them Bengals" Other fans would reply with "Nobody" A week or two later. The whole chant started to grow, and the nobody was stretched out to Noooo Boooooooody. Coming from an old car commericial of (Red Frazier Ford ) who was out of business at the time. But had a very popular commercial, Who's going to give you a better deal than Red Frazier? Nooo Boooody. Following that, the chant put was on a 45 record. Recorded by Cincinnati's WLW weatherman Who's first name was Zip. From the banks of the Ohio comes that orange and black machine They're the Cincinnati Bengals The finest ever seen With stripes upon their helmets and fire in their eyes They'll take the field they will not yield They're strong and tough and wise Who Dey.Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals Hear that Bengal growling, mean and angry See that Bengal prowling, lean and hungry An offensive brute, run, pass, or boot And defensively, he's rough errrr tough errrr Cincinnati Bengals that's the team were gonna cheer to victory Touchdown Bengals!! Put some points up on the board and win a game for Cincinnati! Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals Noooooobodyyyyy When Cincinnati made the playoffs, the Hudepohl beer company jumped on the Who Dey bandwagon with their own version in Hu Dey Beer. Who they think is going to beat them Bengals. Quickly changed to Who Dey think is gonna beat dem Bengals. Now you will hear stories of where it started and it wasn't Cincinnati. But I assure you. It came from Cincinnati during November of 1981. Who Dat?. The New Orleans Saints fans want to lay claim to Who Dey through Who Dat. .Not only did it not start with the Saints, I can show where the Saints picked it up and who were the people who changed it to Who Dat. The Saint's Who Dat started in 1983, Bum Phillips had the Saints fans feeling playoffs for the first time in their history. They had their best start ever with a 5-3 record halfway through the season. They lost their first two games by a total of 4 points. They could of easily been 6-0, or 7-1 at the halfway point. They picked up Who Dat somewhere during those first 8 games, but their dream season wasn't to be. They Saints finished opposite of how they started, winning only three more games and finishing 8-8 The Saint's Who Dat started up again in 1987 the year they started out 3-3 and never lost another game until they made the playoffs. Losing to the Viking in their first playoff game. Before 1987 the Saints were known as the Ain'ts, never having a winning record until 1987. They went 8-8 twice, but could never end up above .500. The reason many believe it came from the Saints, was because their Who Dat chant was popular the 1987 season and the Bengals Who Dey chant was ringing loud in peoples ears the Bengals Super Bowl season of 1988. The Saints took Who Dat from LSU. It was reported that LSU football was using a who dat chant in 1982. When they went to the Orange Bowl against Nebraska. Orange Bowl History A year after the Bengals played in the Super Bowl. LSU finished behind Georgia for the Sec championship. Georgia play Penn St in the Sugar Bowl and lost to the National Champions. LSU lost to Nebraska who finished with second best record in the nation. The Sec had 4 team in top 20 in 1982. And LSU beat every team in the conference except Georgia (National Championship Game) and Tennessee which they had tied. LSU had the Tiger connection with the Bengals. And in 1981 the Bengals had LSU record holder Charles Alexander on their roster. Who still holds the single season rushing record at LSU. So the alum from LSU watch the Bengals closely because of Charles Alexander. So it was easy for them to pick up the Who Dey chant and revise it to Who Dat when they started winning in 1982. LSU had the same type Cinderella story as the Bengals. They finished 3-7-1 in 1981 and only beat one conference team. But turned it around in 1982 going 8-2-1 losing only to Georgia in the SEC. The LSU Tigers lost the Orange Bowl game 21-20 against the second best team in the nation at the time. Nebraska.
  14. I had a bet with a friend two weeks ago where I said the Indians would not make the playoffs, and if they did then it was double or nothing on that they wouldn't make it past the first round. pfff, moron.
  15. I think they should go with Gary the No Trash Cougar.