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  1. I just found out that Knoxville is getting a new pro soccer team next year, so I thought I'd do a concept:
  2. Rangers away is pretty sharp. Obviously leaning hard into the 150th anniversary celebration. I'm a little disappointed it's a black shirt though since we just had one last year. Curious what the third will be. The gold logos thing makes orange or white unlikely, I'd think, since they wouldn't show up very clearly.
  3. Too cluttered for my taste, as a guy who went to a lot of Winterhawks games when I lived out there. Glad they made the change - not because there was anything wrong with the previous logo - but because it was derivative for no good reason.
  4. I'm assuming the bottom left is the cap logo. I really like that, as well as the Cleveland wordmark.... for a team called the Indians! Is it just me or does the bottom row not synch with the top row at all? Looks like two completely different franchises.
  5. That logo looks like it should be on a jersey worn by a dog in a 1990s Disney Channel movie.
  6. How nuts was that old Broncos helmet logo? And how high was the designer when he made it?
  7. I got tired of waiting for Rangers to release their new kits for 2021-22, so I designed some concepts. Home: Away: Third: GK home: GK road:
  8. That see-through "Check Your Balls" kit is.... well... I'm just gonna be transparent and say I think it's a little much.
  9. That Spurs top is deranged. If I watch them play in that I'll probably have a seizure.
  10. Nice work! I particular like that Walker University concept with the logo on the front of the shirt. It would be cool to see more teams try this
  11. These are wild! Some really fun designs here.... and with it being the NBA, I wouldn't even be shocked to see some like this on the court
  12. Great concepts here. I don't know how I feel about two tones of red in one set, but I like it a lot as burgandy, yellow and black. I prefer the W on the helmet to the wolf. Nice work!
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