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  1. For the life of me, I'll never understand why the NFL ditched the conference logos in the endzones. It looked so much better with the wordmarks centered in the endzones. The Rams endzone looked awful last year.
  2. Just saw this today. It looks like realignment after Quebec comes into the league. 8 divisions of 4 teams like the NFL. It may be hard to make out but there will be 2 divisions made up of the Canadian teams. Detroit and Columbus go back to the west. The new Atlantic is Buffalo, Rangers, Islanders, and Boston. The new Metro is Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Washington.
  3. KB

    Emailing from Louisville, Kentucky USA


    Interested in knowing if the Kentucky Derby file is available on a clear background in either PDF or illustrator format.


    Let me know



  4. Bobby Layne didn't start the Playoff Bowl and only came in towards the middle of the 4th quarter. I think BrianLion's explanation may be the answer -- the helmet is actually from preseason in 1963 and not from the Playoff Bowl. It would explain the "Steelers" logo and the wear and tear.
  5. Many of you already know the story of the Steelers logo and the black helmets, but here's a quick recap. Midway through the 1962 season, on November 18th, the Steelers placed the "Steelmark" on gold helmets for the very first time. The Steelmark logo was owned by the American Iron and Steel Institute and the Steelers were given permission (in fact, encouraged) to use the logo. The Steelers went 9-5 in 1962 (winning 6 of their last 7 games) and qualified for the "Bert Bell Benefit Bowl". Also called the Playoff Bowl, this game was an exhibition game played at the end of the seaon between the two runner-ups in each division. The Steelers wanted to do something special for this game as up to this point that haven't had much of a winning tradition, so they decided to paint their helmets black. This is the first time that the Steelers wore the black helmets and they have become a staple ever since. As you can see from this photo, the Steelmark logo reads "Steel" (and not Steelers). You can also see that kick Lou Michaels (79) is wearing the helmet of Bobby Layne (22). In Canton, Ohio at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, there is a display of Bobby Layne's helmet from this game. This was Layne's last game in the NFL. You can see from this photo that the logo actually reads "Steelers". So what gives? When did the Steelers actually use the word "Steelers" on their helmet for the first time? Was this helmet used by Bobby Layne; is it a fake, or has it been altered after the Playoff Bowl?
  6. Since the USARL had recently become the governing body for rugby league in the U.S., a new identity has been created.
  7. Now I can stop looking for bootleg versions of this jersey with Crosby/87 on it.
  8. Didn't the 49ers wear their alternate jerseys (the NFL 75th anniversary jerseys) in Super Bowl 29 against the Chargers?
  9. I always liked that fact that Johan Hedberg wore his Manitoba Moose mask when he arrived in Pittsburgh. He actually had a Penguins mask painted and ready to wear, but he played so well with the Moose mask that superstition prevented him from changing. The fans at Mellon Arena would chant "Moose" when he would make a big save and the identity stuck. .
  10. Isn't wearing a Michigan helmet in Columbus sorta dangerous?
  11. Or this one that removes the separation stroke between the wordmark and logo. I think the hard hat gets sort of lost in all of the black.
  12. ...and the final, final version. I wanted to merge the wordmark with the logo in a seamless manner, but still have the capability to use the workmark and logo as separate entities.
  13. Pittsburgh Ramparts? I was afraid that it would sound egotistical. Do you think people generally know what a rampart is or will they think it's pieces of ram? The Harlequins are a rugby union club team. They built a nice facility about 20 minutes from the city, but there's really not much spectator seating. They're one of 4 union clubs in the Pittsburgh area, and play in division I.
  14. Let me address a few more. Industrialists - I like the name and the history, but it's just too many syllables and doesn't roll off the tongue easily. Blue Collars - Its a good name and embodies the city, but I would feel obligated to put blue in the color scheme and I'd like to keep it to just black and gold. Forge - was the name of a Pittsburgh junior hockey team recently. Archers - I see what you're going for, but at first sight I think of someone with a bow and arrow. Bridgers is a good name, but used by local Ambridge High School. I like Machine, Furnace and Blast (although I dislike singular names) Ironhides - a Autobot Transformer that turns into a red van (cartoon) or black GMC truck (movie) Ironsides - A TV detective in a wheelchair played by Raymond Burr in the 60s and 70s.
  15. Thanks for all of the ideas. I want to address some of the names, and please tell me if you think I'm being overly anal. Pittbulls/Pit Bulls - In 1990, The Pittsburgh Bulls debuted in the Major Indoor Lacrosse League (MILL). What many people don't know is that the team was originally called the Pittsburgh Pitt Bulls. Shortly before the season opened, the team had determined not to use the name (there are various reasons that I've heard from a poor showing in a focus group to a child being mauled by a pit bull). They shortened the name to "Bulls" and played for 4 seasons. It's also been the name of a short-lived basketball team. I fear the name has some negative connotations as clever as it is. Ironmen - Great name. It was the name of a Pittsburgh basketball team in 1946. It's also the nickname of Steel Valley High School in the Pittsburgh area. This is probably the main reason that I wouldn't want to use it. It's a unique name for the high school and I'd like to keep it that way. Also, with the success of the Iron Man movie franchises, I'd probably want to stay away from it. Arsenal - There was actually an arsenal in Pittsburgh (in the Lawrenceville area). An explosion at the arsenal in 1862 killed 78 people. It was the worst tragedy in Pittsburgh history. Also, there's the soccer team in north London. Vulcans - When the NHL granted Pittsburgh a new franchise for the 1967-68 season, the team was set to be named the Pittsburgh Pioneers. Point State Park, who uses the name Pioneers, protested and the name was changed to the Penguins (at the suggestion of the owner's wife). Vulcans is also the nickname of California (PA) University. Best not to go there. Also, all I think of is "Spock" when I hear Vulcans. Some other names that are in the running are: Pittsburgh Hammers (with the logo artwork in a link in a previous reply) Pittsburgh Peregrines (as in Peregrine Falcon. The Pittsburgh Aviary has done a tremendous job to help get them of of the endangered list) EDIT: After seeing it in print, it looks like "Pittsburgh Penguins" at a quick glance. Maybe not a good idea. Pittsburgh Foundry (as much as I hate singular names, this one may have some merit) Still trying to make the Fort/Fortress name work or somehow give a nod to Fort Pitt and Fort Duquesne. Thanks, and keep 'em coming.