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  1. Here you are Infared41, and if you won last year you should have gotten this sig sometime... Better late than never...
  2. It's the start of a dynasty for Infraded41! Congrats! I made the other winner's sigs and if its ok with Frank, I'll make this one too. I need to know if this is the third year for this contest?
  3. 24-14 Pittsburgh. MVP-Ben Roethlisberger
  4. 1.) Lassie on CBS and Walt Disney on NBC 2.) L.C. Greenwood 3.) Harold Carmichael
  5. Let's answer these one at a time.... 1) The "Stillers" is how 50% of Steeler fans in Western PA pronounces "Steelers" 2) I didn't write the copy. The ad director did. Pretty lame huh? 3) I hope the Steelers take the Jets seriously. They are a good team, don't think the Jets are just going to mail it in. 4) The Pirates have been in the tank for almost two decades and still show no signs of digging out. The Penguins, on the other hand, give rise to the slogan...Pittsburgh, City of Champions,...and the Pirates. 5) By flag desecration, I hope you mean altering of the colors, because I never meant it to be a desecration of the United States flag. Anyone who remembers me from times when I used to be a regular here can vouch for my integrity. I meant to convey the image of toughness and strength. My flag symbolizes a great deal to me. And someday, God willing, I'll get to meet Rick Monday and thank him.
  6. I work at the local newspaper as a graphic designer and recently we did a promotional banner to show support for the Steelers in the upcoming AFC championship game. Of course the back of the banner was sold to advertisers to promote their businesses. Anywho, there were several ideas that were not used for the banner and I though I'd post one so yinz guys could download and print to show their support for the Stillers. Here's a .JPG thumbnail preview. And also a link to a full page newspaper size (11.25" x 21.5") Enjoy!
  7. I found this today while reading about the old AFL. The theory is the moustache is left over from the "Senores" Here's the page link...Oakland Raiders page
  8. This record breaking string of futility by the Bucs calls for a logo!!
  9. As this guy once told the Colts, let's play the game and then we'll say who won. (Well, he really didn't say that, but he should have.)
  10. I'd say that the money probably scared him off. He then went cheap and got cheap.
  11. Bring out the Old Paper Football... First overtime: First team to kick 10 in a row takes the trophy. Second overtime:Kicker drinks two six packs, then first player to kick two in a row wins.
  12. So, it shouldn't be a total loss-this might make a good avatar!