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  1. Any MLB club that wears a solid color top.
  2. stpmn

    Name That Font!

    I'm looking for assistance identifying the font for this new NASL team logo in MN. Thanks for your help!
  3. Here are a few concepts if the Twins eliminate the road pinstripes...
  4. stpmn

    Name That Font!

    Thank you for the quick response!! Agency FB Bold
  5. stpmn

    Name That Font!

    I'm looking for help to identify the font used for these numbers and letters. I appreciate the help anyone can provide. Thank you!!
  6. I can confirm the photo of the white USA jersey is accurate. The new style jerseys will debut at the World Junior Championships in Ottawa.
  7. The reason players have stopped complaining about the new jerseys is because RBK/CCM went away from the "Edge" technology fabric and went back to the previous material that was used through the 2006-07 season. You can only notice the difference if you are up close to the jersey. The cut of the jersey didn't change. Every team received a shipment of the new jerseys back in mid-November and clubs have phased these into their 2nd or 3rd sets. As a result, this is why there is no more .
  8. I'm sure we'll see a huge retail impact in the summer months. Adidas will be pushing the Michigan product everywhere!
  9. RBK is going around and test fitting each club with the new jerseys and socks throughout the remainder of the regular season.
  10. The NHL and Reebok will be unveil the new look uniforms that the league will be switching to for the 07-08 season at the All-Star Game. Look for these uniforms to be worn by the East and West All-Stars at the game in Dallas.