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  1. Port Adelaide in the Australian Football League
  2. A thought I had watching the Saints play. If they are to win the NFCCG next week and advance to the Super Bowl will the Super Bowl LIII patch fit on the jersey underneath the Tom Benson patch? From the naked eye there doesn’t look to be a lot of room under the Tom Benson patch and the top of the numbers.
  3. Must resist urge to make any jokes
  4. Is there any way the NFL can step in and ask Seattle to wear their white for the sake of an easier on the eye jersey match up?
  5. 2012 AFL Grand Final- Sydney Swans v Hawthorn
  6. Marseille away. Stunning, just stunning.
  7. You can find all the team kits here on the ICC cricket world cup website. I like the idea of going back to all teams using the same design with altered colours. I'm liking the look of the kits as well. I don't think the watermark on the chest will stand out as much as the previews on the website show. Good to see Australia in yellow and not green, though I would have made the Canada watermark black and not red, maybe the Zimbabwe watermark yellow. Both Canada and Zimbabwe will be playing each other in identical kits.
  8. Didn't Dallas wear coloured throwbacks at KC last year? Where Miles caught that TD in OT?
  9. Don't know of many teams named the Roosters. The only team that comes to mind is The North Adelaide Football Club, a state league Australian football team in South Australia.
  10. This is the Australia bid logo and it was released around September last year so I don't think Americas was the first
  11. The sponsors logo (when announced) will go underneath the Power logo.
  12. wow. just wow. I'll be getting one of each