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  1. I agree...looks like someone "tagged" the helmet with a can of spray-paint..... I do like the new logo but the two-tone helmets look lame
  2. http://www.logoserver.com/football/BirminghamBarracudas95.GIF I want it to say B&R Barracudas rather than birmingham...in that same font (or close)
  3. they might not be but when they can come up with that bear on football logo back in 1954 they should be able to change it up and do something better than a C now. TOTALLY AGREE...the C should be on the sleeve and that bear should be on the helmet
  4. The Devil's Lake Satans...until some do-gooders made them change it.
  5. My team was the Olympians! I think Wildcats is the most overused. We have some original ones around here....Phoenix, Griffins and the Blazing Trojans (two schools merged their sports teams so the Blazers and Trojans becamse the Blazing Trojans)
  6. Not the Lake County Postmen or Lake County Waterworlds or even Lake County Garrisons?
  7. How about the Toronto Make-Believes? Toronto Saurus Rexes? OR Toronto Tontos? No, really, the Toronto Mammoths.
  8. I voted for Ice Bison,,,,,the rest were hideous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I use a logo for my fantasy football team that I "borrowed" from a defunct team in one of those women's pro basketball leagues.... it was the Chicago Condors. I don't use it to make money so I would assume I can use it since it's only some 12-man rinky-dink fantasy league. Anyway, I wondered if some new pro team ever wanted to re-use that logo...would it be legal? Is there a limit on how long a team owns the rights to a logo after the team ceases to function? Since the team is no longer operating, do they give up the rights to the logo or does it revert back to the artist/designer? I saw a baseball team called the Cleveland Condors using the Chiocago Condor logo except they had re-colored it to match the Celeveland team's color scheme...would that be legal? Perhaps it all depends on the individual logo and deal. Anyone know? I also see a lot of semi-pro teams and high school teams using pro football logos and some are altered in color etc but you can tell it's the Tampa Bay Buccaneer logo (for instance) or maybe even the old Bucco Bruce logo...... has anyone ever seen a case where the NFL went after these semi-pro or high school teams or are they not concerned at that level? I'll hang up and listen to your answer........
  10. I know I'll catch a lot of flak for this...but I've never liked most of the CFL logos....tradition aside...... and tradition means more to some than others...... they look like high school or junior college logos......better than the WFL, USFL or XFL in many cases but lacking in the kind of logo quality of the NFL. I love tradition but I would say that most of the logos wouldn't be what they would use if the CFL emerged as a new league in 2009. I admire tradition.....but look at some ofm the re-vamps in pro sports ...the Banana Slug is a bad example....and you can see that sometimes we must embrace change. The Tiger-Cats logo looks cumbersome as a helmet logo, the Eskimos logo is stylish (I freely admit not being a fan of word logos so the Bears, Giants and Jets score low with me as well) and I guess an igloo wouldn't be a btter logo......Blue Bombers and the Argonauts is unimaginative....the Stampeders looks like it was ripped off from Ford, the Roughriders...or is that Rough Riders is another boring letter logo and the Alouettes looked like a AAA baseball logo...which is generally not good for pro football. The BC Lions looks like it was drawn by a kid...with his feet........ and the Renegades logo looked like a pedophile. The only ones I thought showed any promise were the now defunct CFL Colts and the Birmingham Barracudas and yes I know that Birminghma is not a port city. Don't get me wrong, I like the CFL and the names themselves are great or good but I think the guys who do NFL marketing could improve the CFL logos a lot.
  11. We're all pretty much here because we like logos, uniforms, team colors, etc. Do you ever get grief from friends, family or co-workers for actually caring what shade of blue a team wears or if the team adds black to its logo or if there's more stripes on the jersey? Most of my friends couldn't care less about a logo or color change (unless it's jarring) or the addition of some stripe etc. To them, it's about the game and the stats and the players and the rest is just window dressing. They can hardlly believe that anyone would care about throwbacks, changes or modifications like the dolphin having a "meaner look". Just curious. Are you pretty much alone in your circle of friends in caring?
  12. You don't care if the team moves and breaks the hearts of fans in upstate NY just because you don't like team name? I'm aware Buffalo fans are among the most rabid of fans...however IF they are going to move..... and sure, Ralph Wilson won't move them but he won't be the owner forever and the new owner can relocate them to LA or San Antonio or Vegas or Birmingham or Raleigh or Toronto. Now, I might have the whole CFL being subsidized by the NFL scenario wrong. I thought it was a continuing situation. As I understood it, it was a million dollars to each CFL franchise and assistance in marketing and using the CFL as a farm system to give some players some more seasoning as they did with NFL Europa. I have heard all along that Canada would not allow an NFL franchise in Toronto (or Vancouver or Montreal etc) as long as there is a CFL. So, I would imagine that the CFL would have to fold first. Does anyone know what the chances of that happening are? Is the CFL in good shape financially? I used to do a lot fo projects with Canadian companies and it was odd that whenever I asked any of them about the CFL, noen of them followed the local CFL franchise. They all were asking me about the NFL teams for office pools and fantasy leagues. And yet I know there are a lot fo Argonaut fans. Hell, when I talk to New York companies I can never find one Jets fan! People say that the NFL wants to keep the number of teams at 32. Well, if LA gets a franchise, you would think that they would have to add another team to the other conference to at least have an even number. The Bills (and c'mon, no team will be named the Bills outside of Buffalo...Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers are bad enough) might be that team to end up in LA. So, a new team would have to be in Birmingham, San Antonio (Austin?), Raleigh, Las Vegas, Portland.....somewhere.
  13. It's been ages since a league was absorbed (or merged) with the NFL but the Browns, 49ers, and Colts came over intact to the NFL from the AAFC so it could happen. Something tells me that in this day and age, some marketing guys would thrust Cobras or Rhinos or some other name on a Toronto franchise rather than keeping the Argonaut name.