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  1. Everything about the Saints is fantastic. The gold, the number font, and the striping pattern, are all amazing! I appericiate the risks that you are taking, and so far it is paying off.
  2. Could you possibly give some more explaination on IF Elfsborg? I dont really care for the gradient, especially on the yellow jersey, but I might appreciate it a bit more if you could explain why you chose it. Also Sirius looks really good! My favorite so far.
  3. Favorite so far is the knights. Really creative idea that you executed very well. I immediately got what you were going for. Great stuff!
  4. Left is the best primary, imo. It would be really sweet if you had the logos meet on the back of the helmet ala the Seahawks. Not really feeling the SF monogram, but I really like head only alternate logo. Edit Looks like @DoctaC beat me to the Seahawks style helmet suggestion!
  5. 1. Niners 2. Bears 3. Bills 4. Packers 5. Chargers Just out would be... Vikings, Lions, Steelers
  6. I was totally thinking the same thing when I saw 2! Regardless, I think #2 is the best option.
  7. Could you maybe try the huron/P mashup letter that is on your preliminary sketches as the cap logo? The rest of the concept is great btw.
  8. Congrats to my group mates @BlackBolt3 and @Griffinmarlins! These are some really tough decisions. Here are my round of 16 winners. Egypt Australia Sweden Panama Morocco France Mexico Senegal
  9. A. 1. Saudi Arabia 2. Egypt 3. Uruguay 4. Russia B. 1. Morocco 2. Spain 3. Iran 4. Portugal C. 1. Australia 2. France 3. Honduras 4. Denmark D. 1. Argentina 2. Nigeria 3. Iceland 4. Croatia E. My group. F. 1. Mexico 2. Sweden 3. South Korea 4. Germany G. 1. Panama 2. England 3. Tunisia 4. USA H. 1. Japan 2. Senegal 3. Poland 4. Columbia Great job to everyone who participated!
  10. I'm jumping on the Frigates/Gila Monsters bandwagon! Those are both really unique names that could make for some great designs. Gila monsters colors should be black/orange with teal trim.
  11. Are hand drawn concepts okay? If so, I'm in!
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