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  1. These are my take on the Yankees cookie day uniforms. I wanted to keep some blue on the numbers for a small drop shadow effect that was very lowkey. Here they are:
  2. Wow I completely forgot the Yankees use an old school NY on the jersey and a new one on the cap. Maybe I'll try playing around with it.
  3. Great start. I like the old school Celtics font across the chest, and I love you put the Yankees NY back on the Knicks uniform. My only complaint is there is no NBA logo on the back. My advice would be just putting customizing the template with the NBA logo as a permanent layer. Good work!
  4. I could try that, considering the Yankees do that after all. I just didn't want overkill with the R
  5. These are sick! Love that you let us see both Pat the Patriot and the Flying Elvis.
  6. I'm back. For the first time ever in one of my concepts, I used a professional looking PSD mock up (done by an amazing member on this forum) on an actual designing/photo editing software(Affinity). I started playing around with all the options and then decided to make an actual concept. Vision: I wanted to test my skill when using an actual photoshop program, and to make my work more polished and clean compared to my old work that was sloppy. For the actual concept, I wanted a modern vintage look for a very classic NFL franchise. I decided to use a darker burgundy and a darker gold than what the Redskins use in the NFL. I felt it helps give the vintage vibe I was aiming for. I tested some wordmarks for the uniforms across the chest and they looked just awful, so I went with my other plan which was to use a customized alternate logo. For the number I decided to use a drop shadow instead of a traditional outline, I was inspired by being teams that are unique such as the Lakers. This is also the reason I decided to do straight nameplates instead of a curved one, I noticed football is the only sport that doesn't use curved, so I used them on this. I didn't want these to be that similar to any other uniform. I highly enjoy the look myself. I hope you guys do as well. Thanks. *I understand the MLB logo is unfortunately missing. I saved my PSD file earlier and when I opened it back up for some reason the outlines were all over the place, so I made the decision to forgo the MLB logo in order for a cleaner presentation. Thank you.
  7. Incredible work. I just played around with it and its a great mockup. So many great options. Hats off to you my friend. ALL HAIL THE BASEBALL MOCKUP KING!
  8. Thank you very much for posting this. I am going to test it out. Appreciate it.
  9. Being brutally honest.... ITS A WINNER. Get this to a better presentation and its perfect.
  10. Love the red trim on the numbers. Anyway we could get a Patriots set that maintains the flying elvis logo?
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