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  1. damn! you beat me to that post I've already fallen in love with this kit!! Working on getting my Altidore order in right now!
  2. you should post that on (they're fan community)! get that out there in the publics eye you perfected it!
  3. May I ask what site you got that from? BigSoccer forums via The Dutch National Teams webshop ( This is legit
  4. "who the f*%k are leeds united!" Back on topic . . . Much needed upgrade from the current navy away kit, IMO
  5. These are now official, and although im not positive, it doesn't appear there are any of those green template "slashes" on the shirt as shown above. Script on the inside of the collar reads "born to play football" Really diggin' these!!
  6. Anyone have any sort of insight on when the 2008 US Qualifiers kit might be leaked/unveiled?
  7. yep, ive decided . . . dont like 'em!
  8. via football shirt culture Better view of the 2008 Italy away kit still debating how I feel about the font choice
  9. 2008 Netherlands Away Kit (sky blue) not the biggest fan seeing that either the classic "oranje" or the beautiful red, white and blue sash kits will presumably be discontinued
  10. Seconded! I must say that home nike england concept is absolutely stunning! Im not even sure if there is room for improvement on that one . . . amazing. As for the away kit try maybe adding some sort of navy outline to the numbers on the shirt. Its soo close, the only thing that seems to detract from it is the lack of a hint of navy to go along with the red-white two-tone shirt. Just something to consider The spurs kits as well look absolutely beautiful, although im sure you feel otherwise Not even that big of a deal, but I have a spurs shirt from last season which has the circular collar like the one you have designed above. My only critique would be that I can personally vouch for the uncomfortable feel the circular collars on puma kits have, as opposed to this season's v-neck collar. Not to mention the aesthetic appeal the current collar seems to have over the old one. All in all great work as always Gordie!
  11. I could honestly see that as Barca's next away kit. Any chance of a little creative touch thrown into a spurs kit?