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  1. I'm "completely overreacting." Please. This board has had hundreds of pages of discussion about political correctness and how it's killing the sports world, and the world in general. One additional comment and I'm overreacting. I didn't say anything about the redesign. I was commenting about the removal of the name Pistol for PC reasons. And as far as me "attacking" PDW, give me a break. I give my opinion just like everyone else. If you don't agree, then too bad. If you really think that the work they continue to put out is worth the tens of thousands of dollars that they get then fine, that's your opinion. We'll agree to disagree. It's extremely frustrating when I see work (especially work posted by members of this board) that is 100 times better than anything Phoenix puts out, which, in my personal opinion is garbage. I know PDW didn't create this mark becuase it's actualy decent.
  2. am I seeing things or has something disappeared.
  3. *reads last post 6 times" *can't figure out what he's talking about* *doesn't laugh*
  4. It looks like a statue. I heard that they didn't want to offend people by making him white, so they made him a neutral gray color. That's understandable becasue I saw a lot of black guys participating in the Great Outdoor games.
  5. On a creativity scale of 1-10 I give the new mars a 2.
  6. Am I going to have to sit here and watch all day? Looks like it could take a while.
  7. That blue is definitely lighter than previous years.
  8. I'm telling you, we are not far off from a school renaming themselves the Pussies. I can see it coming. You heard it here first.
  9. It's a good thing Nike spent all that time on their new look last year. That's university politics for ya.
  10. Who? JK I would guess that it starts with a P and ends in hoenix.
  11. Font: City Bold Beveled text: check more than 4 colors: check Is one of those colors is a percentage: yes Difficult to embroider: yes I wonder who did this logo?
  12. What are they going to call the new period in hockey after overtime? If they call it a shootout, I may have to take to the streets with my hollow points.
  13. I believe that's the same exact release I attached above. Another thing no one has mentioned, try saying Red River Rivalry 4 times fast. Quite a mouhful.
  14. Yeah, because brawl is such a bad word. When I first heard the word brawl I started beating my gym teacher. It got pretty bad. Words are a serious matter. Pretty soon it's going to to be so bad that we are going to start naming it the Red River Football Get Together. I don't think they are even allowing schools to use the word "clash" either. Have any of these people watched a football game?
  15. The Red River Rivalry mark was released on Wednesday (formerly Red River Shootout). Logo looks pretty good. Apparently shootout is offensive now.