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  1. Wouldn't it be easier to save it in .eps format?
  2. I don't know whether to be happy because I guessed the right font or be sad because die Blauen use Impact as an official font. I'm so torn!
  3. You know, the easy answer is Impact, but it doesn't just jive with me. Of course, my eye for fonts is well-nigh to useless, but here you go, ID away.
  4. Northrop Grumman http://www.spacewar.com/images/northrop-grumman-logo-bg.jpg tyia
  5. Stupid Question: What is a good font for traditional baseball scripts? I'm trying Script MT bold, but is there something else that works really well?
  6. http://www.inkscape.org/ open source vector graphics program
  7. OK, I've been picking away at another try, using the oval and mirroring techniques you guys suggested, and here's what I've got: It's a smidge off here and there, I know, but that's about what I was aiming at for this logo. One last thing I'd like to do is put a border around the entire logo in that colour of blue I have there (Pantone uncoated process 213-1), but I don't know how to create that around all the layers. Alternatively, I just thought about making a semicircle around the head, and put another oval in the back to create the border, which sounds easier imo. Thanks for all the help folks. I wish I could be doing something more original for my school, but noooo, we have to use what the guy at the sporting goods store said we could use. I guess there's always next time...
  8. Well, I'm going to have to ask for your assistance. I've been working on it since I did the tutorial (I did better than I thought I would), but here's the best of my attempts. It also includes the base image faded in the background. Give me another year or so and I think I'll have it! Many thanks in advance.
  9. I was worried you say that. BTW, do most of you just use a mouse, or do you use a digitizer. I've tried my hand at tracing with a mouse a smidge, and the results weren't pretty.
  10. OK, I've got one... I've converted a jpeg to eps using Adobe Streamline. I opened it up in Illustrator and want to colour it correctly. However, it seems to be in grayscale, and I don't know how to convert it to RGB. Now, should I just attempt to colour the eagle head alone (I have that vectorized), or is there another way to do it in Illustrator? I have an inkling to just keep the logo vectorized, and colour it at will in Photoshop, but I know there's a better way. Thanks for the help in advance. *DISCLAIMER* I know that this is the logo used by Boston College until 2004, but the school I work at has used it for at least 2 years. They got the logo from one of those "school spirit" companies that sell bumper stickers, window clings, etc. Considering I'm just a teacher, not a graphic artist or trademark attorney by trade, I'm not sure of the legality of all of that, but I guess if the company's selling the logo, then it's kosher. Just don't shoot the messenger.
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