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  1. Just like the Panthers in 1996, Stars in 1999, Hurricanes in 2002, Mighty Ducks in 2003, Lightning in 2004. All large bandwagons in the sunbelt. I, like many Canadians, don't take you "fans" seriously. And you seem to be jumping ahead of yourself, don't you think? Sweet, so just because I was born and raised in Louisiana means I can't be a hockey fan? Nevermind I've been a Sens fan since the 10-70-4 inaugural campaign and can discuss the history of the game at a level that would embarass the average Canadian fans, but I'm just a bandwagon jumper because I'm from the Great White North, right? Besides, if you're looking for bandwagon jumpers, look no further than the Red Mile in Calgary in 2004. Of course, all of the people there after Flames games were there to discuss the vagaries of the penalty kill and better ways to break through San Jose and Tampa's neutral zone defences, right?
  2. Authority on what? --Roger "Time?" Clemente. Being an irritant?
  3. I've always liked it if for nothing but the fact it is differnt than the usual suspects (Train/fog/ generic air horns). Once upon a time, the Louisiana IceGators had a horn like the Sens, but they switched it to a train horn. Coincidently (or not!), the team went downhill from there and folded 2 years ago.
  4. Generic 2 is New Jersey's horn. Frankly, I love the Sens' goal horn, but for other reasons...
  5. Gah, who let the away kit out of the asylum! I distinctly remember several nations in 1994 pretty much wearing jerseys from 1-2 templates made by Adidas or Diadora.
  6. That's exactly what I was thinking when I looked at it. A grafitti font would look great, as well as reworking the bricks like others have mentioned. I like the idea. It isn't something I would think of tbh. I'm too bland to do something like that.
  7. The important thing is why aren't the chumps at EA not putting this game on PC!
  8. They may be offenders in that case, but you have to give it to them, all 3 jerseys are nice. Brendan, you realize that the Wild have pushed the retro idea since the very beginning of its existence? The Thirds are quite slick imo, though I would have gone for something better on the chest.
  9. he had great targets in detroit to and look what he did. Ran for his life because he had no line and watched the "talented" recievers hurt themselves or drop passes? yeah, calling Charles Rogers and Mike Williams talented is like calling the Saints a Super Bowl contender. It would be a bloody good College team though.
  10. The top two are too much like the Rangers' ones from the 1970s. I've always seen the Americans as a team that would mimic team USA's design styles. Something I wouldn't mind tbh...
  11. But my understanding about Detroit is that's one of the charms about playing for the Lions, or being a Lions fan. And let's face it, they don't have many other charms. Dallas and Detroit are the two teams which play on Thanksgiving every year. Detroit has done it the longest, and (IIRC) the Cowboys began to play home games on Thanksgiving as a ploy to improve the team's visibility to the average fan. It seems to have worked.
  12. Amen, this is my pet peeve. In my day defencemen wore 2-9 (or so), forwards were from about 8 up to the mid 20ies, then the third line defencemen and recent call-ups were mid 20ies to 29. Goalies were 1 or 30 ... maybe a 29 or 31. Of course, the rules were never written down like football, Jean Belliveau got away with wearing #4 as a forward. And all the players had brush cuts, and needed summer jobs to make ends meet ... and only the weirdoes, chickens and guys with exposed brain tissue wore helmets. God, I'm getting old! Well, I was always 89 when I played hockey, after Anaheim's dynamic duo of Selanne and Kariya. Nothing wrong with high numbers, I guess you despise Ray Bourque, Paul Coffey, and Phil Esposito's choice of numbers also?
  13. The O's wouldn't have played the Red Sox, as the Division Series rules prohibit that. In all likelihood, the White Sox would have gotten the Red Sox in the Division Series in your situation.
  14. /looks at the mounds of tests he just graded... Since when are English/History teachers wannabe designers? I feel complimented...
  15. *PHEW* Ottawa's still alive. Now, where has the Ray Emery we saw tonight been the entire series...
  16. the colors and the logo Er... usechange
  17. But don't you get it! You call lacrosse "Lax" for short. Of course, an insane number of teams in NLL must conform to that standard. So it's not supposed to be shamrocks. What they were really going for was shamrocrosse. Strangely enough, it equals the team name in silliness!
  18. But don't you get it! You call lacrosse "Lax" for short. Of course, an insane number of teams in NLL must conform to that standard. The crosse is the only redeeming feature of that logo. Bad, bad, bad.
  19. man those are nice! My only fear is the one for the Marlins would be a sea of empty orange seats...
  20. What do you expect from Ron Zook? And I'll add my kudos to the crowd for your design. Quite Ace.
  21. Actually, I kind of like it in an urban sort of way. More of a fashion jersey kind of thing than anything to be seen on the ice. The Blues' jersey, however, needs a bit more work .
  22. I dig the logo. Only thing I's point out would be to make the wings a bit more pointed, and make the flames a smidge more realistic. Regardless, I like it a lot.
  23. Whilst I agree to an extent, I only wonder why steroids is seemingly the only illegal substance MLB players partake in. For all the platitudes about ridding MLB of the steroid menace, the chorus of voices crying for MLB players caught using illegal drugs' statistics marked with an asterisk (if not wiped out altogether) is nonexistent. Since people favouring putting Bonds down that way try to get around the fact that none of that was against the rules when he supposedly used them, their silence with regard to actions against players who used other illegal drugs, performance-enhancing or not, makes them look as though they're out to get Bonds not because of any higher purpose than he's a meanie who doesn't sign autographs or some other perceived slight, and are using the virtually unshakeable spectre of steroids because it's the only thing they can use that has the potential to stick, whether it's true or not.
  24. Crap, Sens fall 2-1 to Buffalo. Not good...
  25. Well, I know I'd love a hockey team back in Lafayette, and I'm about as hardcore fan as you can find in the nether regions of Louisiana, but that doesn't mean we deserve one. Besides, too many teams in the east? I suppose you've never looked at the distribution of population in the United States... I'm one of the few people who believe in the NHL's expansion philosophy. You put teams in new markets to create new fans. You already have rabid fans in Winnipeg and Hartford without teams. You will gather few if any new fans in comparison to the untapped market in places like Kansas City or Houston (my top 2 places I'd love to see them go if they have to move) As for towns that don't care about hockey, check out the attendance figures. By your reasoning, I guess it was a mistake to expand to Chicago or Long Island back in the day... As for Kansas City and hockey... Kansas City has a rather long history of ice hockey, but unfortunately it's been saddled with some pretty poor squads. a team on the rise with good ownership like the Pens would have in KC would fit a lot better than a traditional expansion team.