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  1. To be brutally honest, if you're expecting gambling to revitalize a rundown area, you're in for a rude shock. I mean, look at us, we're crawling with casinos and even before Katrina/Rita a budget crisis was looming for Louisiana, as revenues from the casinos were falling significantly below projected numbers. I haven't even begun to talk about the socioeconomic problems related to casinos in an urban area. You are right about something though, desperate times call for desperate measures.
  2. Tulane GREEN Wave, Southeastern Louisiana, Michigan State, South Florida, Oregon Ducks, Miami Hurricanes, Ohio University, Marshall University, and many more!
  3. I'm trying to get all lathered up about Barry Bonds...but I'm just not feeling it. Sure he's a jerk, but so was Ty Cobb, who was linked to game fixing once upon a time (I've read about it before, but ESPN has an article on it today). Where's the throngs screaming for Cooperstown to rip his plaque off of the wall? Double standards in sports fans! Say it ain't so!
  4. Who the (New Jersey) Devil(s) says Portland wants a team bad? Heck, move the Pens to either Hartford (Look ma, no realignment!) or Houston (US' 4th largest city...and most importantly, close enough for me to do some Crosby watching... )
  5. Geograpically aligned? Dude, I'm teaching World Geography next school year, and I've got a seat waiting for you. Whilst the NL East and West is alright, the Central and Midwest are rather screwed up. (1) Why would you separate the oldest team in baseball with their 3 biggest rivals? (2) Why would you put the Rockies in a division the Cardinals and Cubs? Here's your geographical alignment, NL in Blue, and AL in Red (With your expansion teams): With your expansion teams, here would be a more sensible alignment: NL East: New York, Montreal, Philadelphia, Washington NL South: Atlanta, Charlotte, Florida, Houston, NL Central: Chicago, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cincinatti NL West: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Arizona AL East: New York, Boston, Baltimore, Toronto AL North: Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit AL Central: Kansas City, Texas, Tampa Bay, Minnesota AL West: Seattle, Colorado, Oakland, Los Angeles In reality, the best alignment is what they have... except perhaps moving the Rockies to the AL West, and moving Houston to the NL West, though I'm not a fan of that either.
  6. Well... If you'd read your link... As for the Coyotes, they're all over the place in North America...including Glendale, AZ, especially the golf courses...
  7. Where are the Panthers in Miami? Ummmm.... you might want to do some research. There IS such a thing as a Florida Panther.... I know what a Florida Panther is...but are there any in Miami? Or in Sunrise to be specific...
  8. Where are the Panthers in Miami? I think the Pens in KC may be a good thing to stay. With Crosby, Fleury, Malkin, and whoever they pick up in this year's draft, there will be talent to fill the seats. The Scouts were also relatively successful in the stands in their time, so I'd give them a chance. Perhaps we can resurrect the Scouts and get an updated logo?
  9. Well, that uninspired staff sure shut down your beloved Yankees' bats now did it...
  10. I do. Don Bowden ran it in 03:58.7 on 17 July 1957. Nice story here about the event.
  11. Thats a TERRIBLE trade!!!!!! Thank God im not a Niners fan. yeah it is. both are horrible quaterbacks. atleast Dilfer has some what of an arm compared to Doresy's limp noodle. Yeah but you never trade a fairly young guy for a dude who has about a half year left in him. How Dilfer is still in the league is beyond me. It's because Dilfer is a great tutor for young quarterbacks. Matt Hasselbeck and Charlie Frye both benefitted from having him either starting ahead of them, or being their backup. Dilfer may not have the arm strength, but he does have the ability to manage a game well and can minimize the number of mistakes on the Niners' side of the ball, something the Niners' offence desperately needs.
  12. Excuse whilst I pick up my jaw from off the floor... OK, I'm back, and I must say I'm very impressed with your design. Couldn't find a flaw even if I wanted to. Excellent job!
  13. When were the Expos ever at the top? When the 1994 MLB Season was called... NL East Standings Team W L WPct. GB Montréal Expos 74 40 .649 -- Atlanta Braves 68 46 .596 6.0
  14. I'm digging the picks, but in the Ottawa-Buffalo series, the Sens' blue liners will give Buffalo forwards a lot more trouble than their counterparts in Philly, which looked granite blocks sitting on the blue line compared to the Sabres' forwards.
  15. I have an Adidas replica with ole No. 12.
  16. It works. You need to download the SWF file, and run it from your computer. It works. Best #37- Casey Stengel
  17. Well, that's one way to get back at the house...
  18. No Chara for the Norris? Come on, this is getting silly. I guess Zubov gets the nod over Chara or even McCabe for his shootout success...
  19. The new Swift jersies for Sweden are made by Reebok, not Nike. You are wrong my friend. The IIHF jerseys are all made by Nike and the jersey we saw was for a smaller international tournament and not an IIHF event from what I can remember. Which was his point I think. Because they were made by RBK Sweeden can't use them in an IIHF tournament. Meaning they never really got new uniforms so we can all rejoice. Yep, that was my point. I think that this is the last go-around for the old Swedish Tre Kronor at the IHWC though. Resistance is futile.
  20. Norway's jerseys have the same logo that they've had for a while (at least since 2002), as have Slovenia, Ukraine, and Denmark. They've just been Swift-ized. The Norwegian national team's logo on its jersey comes from the official seal of the Norwegian Ice Hockey Federation.
  21. Yay! I'm number one! Now for my picks to go down in flames in the second round...
  22. The new Swift jersies for Sweden are made by Reebok, not Nike.
  23. I completely agree. I like the alternates in terms of a concept, but I don't think they'd work in practice, as they would look like garbage pick-up men with the safety green shirts. Regardless, I really like the grapefruit behind the number. Unique.
  24. The Utah one looks positively sweet compared to this abortion of a design...